Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Discussion of Marketing Tactics and How it Relates to Mr. E's Monsters

Marketing something on the internet, according to, should add "add value rather than clutter to their lives." It should also be very focused. Focused is doable. Monster Art is Mr. E is nicely focused. But how does it add value it people's busy and hectic lives? I mean if I'm perusing Facebook (the main focus of the Monstrous Art marketing) what stops my scroll? Cute things. Funny things, or things that are not about Trump. I know I am going off topic here, but Facebook is more cheery when politics is not 90% of it. . . so things that make me laugh or kick in those cuteness hormones. Monsters are cute? Maybe they're funny?

The whole purpose of the monstrous art is to be a diversion. So how do I go about diverting people's attention from political posts? I feel if I continue on this train of thought I will go back to cuteness. Some of the monsters trade on this one.

Quality gets people to share it and discuss it. What is quality in cuteness or funniness? How do I get someone to like it enough to share it? Always make it funny or cute? The post I made about the Pancake Eating Hippo, was cute, not just the monster but the reaction to it by cute little boys. Between the cuteness of the pancakes and faces of the boys, it did gather more likes and responses and shares than any other monster posts up to that point. 

Plan for it to take time and grow bit by bit. Marketing involves patience? you mean it's not instant? Being that there is nothing beyond time and energy involved in this adventure at this time, the monsters have learned to wait. Mister E's mommy just doesn't have enough time to do it all right now. She made some excuse about being a grad student.

Connecting with influential people/groups can introduce you to a whole new group of people. Good ideas. I wonder who Mister E should connect with?

Build relationships with everyone that reaches out to you. Oh oh, this is beginning to sound a little bit like work. Respond to people? Maybe even in a timely manner. I have ignored my brother when he reached out to talk about picture quality. Since then I figured out how to crop and relight pictures on my phone before uploading them onto the net. I still haven't responded.

Consistently publish good content. I think this harkens back to the concept of better photographs. And making the posts worth stopping for. But what about that word "Consistently"? That goes back to the idea of trying to get new content on Facebook every week. So far I have managed every 2-3 weeks, probably not enough.

Share as you want to be shared. Think I could get my Sister-in-law to share my posts if I share hers? Maybe I could even make a deal of it. And perhaps even expand to other's . . . 

Sigh, marketing sounds like a little work, all the time.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Weekly Relection for Final Project #1

Monster Wiki is up and running. Good news. I have made/set up an awesome wiki. Once I learned the new system it became a breeze to load up pictures and put introductions on each monster. We have 46 pages on the wiki. The most work went into the Index, which is a great place to get an overview of what is currently on the wiki. I am not a programmer, so I am not sure how to make the index to build its self... so it will probably continue to be done manually.

To be honest I did not do all 46 pages of the wiki this week. I started several weeks ago, hoping it would work as this project, but knowing it would be worthwhile effort even if it did not. The additional pages of monsters that I thought might take longer, went up quickly with my son's drawing and input all week. These are fun because they create a connected reading and linking throughout that section of the wiki. I hope to introduce more of this interlinking between monsters. The Squawkapus is a good one to start this bit of interlinking tour on.

Moving forward, my largest obstacle will be to get the reading done and written about. The other large stepping stone is drawing people to it. The Facebook page and posts have drawn more interest on average each week. We get a few new views every day or two. Each post we make we invite viewers to the wiki, but so far the wiki has remained mostly viewerless, not to mention without other participants. I have a backup plan of offering pumpkin cookies to my father to add things to the wiki, but first I will see if there are less obvious-bribing ways to draw participants.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

But I am not Angry

Death of a person who lived a good long life does not anger me. It the promise of mortality, that it comes with an ending. It is bittersweet. For I miss my grandma dearly. My heart is drawn out in gratitude for that amazing woman and the life she has led. She was a great example.

The last couple years I often stopped on the way home from school. Sometimes she was out to lunch with her friends or playing cards, and she didn't want me. Other times I was able to sit and talk and show off my baby (#8). She loved to hold him when she was able. I was able to sweep her floor and do little acts of service, although it was never possible to do enough to fill the debt I felt to her.

I wasn't there when she passed. I should have visited her in the hospital before we left on vacation. It is a regret of mine, but she was happily surrounded by wonderful family, even without me. Motherhood of 8 gives you a unique perspective on individuals' involvement in your life. You learn to accept and love them when they are there, and to love whoever is around when they are not. There is always somebody who needs your love, and usually, they are the one in front of you.

But with her passing, I finally have an opportunity to serve her in an eternal way. Finally, there will be something I can do that will be as useful to her as she was to me. My mom and I can take her name to the Temple and do her ordinances and then seal her for time and eternity to her parents, her husband, and my dear aunt Katy. All of which were waiting for her and were there to welcome her to heaven in a big embrace.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Spring Break Dreaming

One class between me and spring break. Then it is a mad 6-week dash to the end of the semester. With not just major paper and projects due on my end, but I got to get 20 students to get through their major papers too.

And I am already wiped. Maybe I should have planned to take spring break in the sun somewhere. Next year that is my plan. This year I am taking a kid to a medical specialist because that is how Mommies actually spend spring break.

But my last class before break is planned, and the last papers that are due before break are in. So, just breathe and I can survive tomorrow.

Too bad there are no sunny beaches in Rochester, MN.

Monday, February 26, 2018

A closet full

Ever see a picture of a cute baby and think"I want one" Then realize you have 8 more at home just like it, only a little older?

I mean, isn't that like wanting a cute pair of boots you see, when you already have 8 similar pairs walking around your house all day, eating your food and demanding that they sit on you rather than you wearing them?

I mean, I am really not big into shoes/boots. I have 1 pair of boots at a time. When they wear out I replace them with 1 pair of boots. I have 1 pair of tennies, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of dress shoes and 3 pairs of Vibrams 5 finger shoes.

 For purses I have 2- I travel one that can slip under my clothes and 1 regular one.

I might have a belt somewhere- should I deem it useful.

I have 1/2 a dozen scarves to wear with my work clothes. Most of the time the scarves carry all the burden of coloring my ensemble. My work clothes is based in navy blue. I have 3 pairs of work pants and 1 jacket. A navy turtleneck when it is cold, and a navy crewneck for when it is not. For warmer weather, I have 3 -4 short sleeve dressy shirts.

Whenever I find a tool that will allow me to get rid of 2, I do so. And stuff is just tools. I don't collect them.

But babies. They are something else.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Power of Re-vision

The first pass at notes on wikis I made were very similar to my blog posts- personal viewpoints with lots of quotes and material taken from my sources, but as I read up on how to write wikis, I had lots of revising to do.

And that ability to easily revise is what really helps give wikis power, not only is there a process to get better, but is it about as quick and painless as those processes can be.

Re-vision suggests seeing again, perhaps through another lens or from another point. Wikis not only allow our personal re-visioning processes but also allows collaborative processes. The power of collaboration is in essence what wikis are all about.

Now, I like google docs for collaborating in formats like a word processor or a spreadsheet, but wiki formats are for quickness and are always works-in-progress.

For general information on the real wikis work really well- whether a wiki on the local party scene or something as massive as Wikipedia. I am debating of the usefulness of wikis for my son's Monsterous Monsters. There a wiki would collaborate to create information on each monster and how it works within the Monsterous ecosystem. He is always creating new monsters and I think a collaborative work environment would make it fun to create monstrous puns and ideas with other creative people. A wiki full of imagination.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What's with this Jane Austen thing?

I do not understand Jane Austen or the nature of her work. But I do understand there are a lot of devoted Jane Austen fans. Can somebody help me figure out what you see in her work?

When I have read Jane Austen, of my own accord. I got a chapter in, read snippets in other sections of the book and never forced myself to read it again. Now I have to get all the way "Persuasion" for my British Lit, women writers class. I am about 3/4 done with it. And I have to admit I am still confused.

Jane Austen writes like an 18th century middle school girl. All internal feelings and gossip of a character who can never act for herself. All about social positions and wondering if somebody likes them or not.

The story almost makes sense if I cast Ann as an Ogre or Vampire or some other social outcast that is hiding who they really are. (Hence the rise of the Twilight series?)

The class started so promisingly with Aphra Behn, who at least wrote of topics of action, then Evelina by Fanny Burney. In Evelina the character once again tells all her emotions and thoughts and worries about social missteps, and can not talk for herself, but at least it was written with every scene dialoged up and easy to play in your head, something that Austen doesn't do a lot of. Austen tells us about it, and doesn't show it. UGH if I were her writing teacher . . .

This is the same time period as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Now there was a story. Of course Mary Shelley had an awesome mother who firmly believed women should not been as the frail, pale and ignorant. That treatsy today seem like no big deal, but Mary Wollstonecraft wrote a whole book on it "The Vindication of the Rights of Woman" and if I was any guess by the nature of what we have been reading, it was sorely needed.