Monday, September 03, 2018

financial straws

Americans are going broke- in fact, most of them are broke, but rotating lines of credit allows them to still spend.

The only reason we have not faced the 1929 style crash are those ubiquitous credit cards. Meanwhile, we are still working 3 jobs just to pay the interest on those credit cards. How long will it take to break the vicious cycle of spending?
Spending makes us feel good and accomplished. We spend to hide the fact that we work ourselves to the bones just to sustain our lives and make the very few very rich.

Right now, healthcare/health insurance are major financial bloodsuckers. But most of us sally on, even though in the back of our minds we are wondering if we are going to pay the dentist or the pharmacist.

But yet the retail market is as strong as its been in 30 years.

What straw is going to break the camel's back? For many it has already been broken.

I suspect rising gas prices will impact us... but yet as oil prices rise, solar and wind and other renewables prices are dropping. So if you have the cash to switch over, it ends up being to your advantage.

Interesting puzzle . . .

Any insights?

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Prayer and the Time Line

Prayers are not static in time.
They have to power to move things forward and back, to set up the little details that are needed for miracles and tender mercies to occur in our lives.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Motherhood is the Nessicity of Invention

Bloody Cucumber
Bloody Cutting board
and Bloody baby finger.

Egon tried to help me cut up cucumbers for pickles today. He must have nicked an artery at the tip of that finger. But I caught him and a rag and slowed it enough to bandage and went back to pickle making (after a brief stink washing blood off of it all).

Soon enough he tore the bandage off when we weren't looking and managed to get blood everywhere.

Bloody floor
Bloody couch
Bloody baby

It looked like a murder scene in here. After I caught him and a rag again I stanched it enough that it wasn't bleeding so I didn't bother with a bandage.

Yeah- pickles, and dinner and  My husband and big boys disappear to scouts. So I play outside with the toddler. How many times does a baby have to be pushed on a swing? How many times can you pull a wagon around the yard? How many times do you walk in circles balancing the bike the toddler rides (and by ride I mean sit on the seat with his legs not touching the peddles)? I think he might be learning to steer. I open the garage so he can pull the wagon in more directions. And sit down to brush my old black dog. That always leaves a pile of fur that makes it easy to imagine his bones had melted away and that's all that's left of the poor pooch.

So now its bedtime and the someone roughly handles the toddler and his finger starts bleeding again. Nowhere near as bad. But he had to be caught and bandaged so that my bed is only made bloody by me. But he puts the bandage in his mouth and chews it off. So we add it back on with a layer or two of duck tape.

He still manages to get it off. So We get a big boy's sock and safety pin it to his shirt. So far 5 minutes and the bandage is still on.

But between the dog fur and the bloody little kid, one would think I had brutally murdered the dog and forgot the clean up after myself. Only the dog is happily staring at us through the glass door, wondering when we will give up and go to bed.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Interview Today!

Its a rainy Friday afternoon in the summer, and today we are interviewing Mom.

IG: Hi Mom, it's me; interview guy. How are you doing?

M: (no words, she gives me a glazed over look while six children zoom around her, looking a bit like electrons orbiting a nucleus.)

IG: That good, eh? Well, today I have some questions for you.

M: (shrugs)

IG: So rumor has it that you've been the mom of young children for 20 years. How did that all begin?

M: (narrows her eye to a slit at me and glances over to Dad, who is asleep in his chair.)

IG: Ok, I guess we will move on to the next question. What do you see as next for you in this field?

M: Chocolate. Chocolate is next or it all ends here.

IG: I think we are fortunate. I took a piece of chocolate cheesecake after lunch today. It is in my car.

M: Go get it. NOW!

IG:  All six of children leave the mom orbit and follow me out to the car, chanting "Cheesecake! Cheesecake!"  As soon as we out of the house Mom locks all the doors. The chanting gets louder. Wow! I have never seen a cheesecake disappear so fast in my life! Hungry children with chocolate faces turn to me demanding more. They slowly circle in closer. The chocolate covered teeth glint in the sunlight that has just broken through the clouds. I fear this may be my last interview folks, the end is coming soon.  Hey, I think I hear a voice of an angel.

M: Dinner time, kids! Come and get it!

IG: (Every last kid scampers off) I am saved! An angel has saved me!

M: Go wash your hands, then wait for prayer. Mr. Interview Guy, would you like to stay for dinner? We have meatloaf, and mashed taters, followed by some chocolate cake.

IG: Mom, how did you do that? How did you transform from (I don't know what to call it), to an angel with dinner ready?

M: Never underestimate the importance of a few minutes without the kids.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Jesus has Piddies

We were visiting the Hill Cumhora LDS Visitor's Center, and there is a big statue of Christ, the Christus room, the 2 missionaries were talking of Christ. So we were brought into this room and Egon runs up to the statue and stares at it. He points and says "Jesus! That's Jesus!". Then he reaches out to touch it "Jesus has piddies" he said as he touched Christ's toes. Then the audio of Christ's words came on, sounding like it was Christ's voice, and he jumped back and looked all around trying to determine where the voice came from. He looked at the statue, then heavenwards in awe and confusion.

After the audio played all the little children came up to crawl at Christ's feet. We had to tell them they shouldn't climb the statue.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Children have become a luxury.

Children have become a luxury.

Instead of new cars, I have kids.
Instead of a fancy house, I have kids.
Instead of touring Europe, I have kids.
Instead of ATVs, camper, boats and other toys, I have kids.
Instead of jewels, designer clothes, or the newest iPhone, I have kids.

With birth control easily available and cheap, compared to a pregnancy, I have chosen to have each of the children I had. The last several I very specifically remember asking for. They are the jewels, the work, and glory of my life.

They are my focus, my entertainment, my joy and my hope for the future.

The birthrates in the US have fallen to an average of 1.77 children per women. That is sad. "Why don't people want babies?" is easy to ask, but most of it has to do with economic reality and not desire. Many people would also buy that fancier house/car or iPhone if they could afford it. However, most women still carve out space, time and money, for at least one of the cute little mini-mes in their lives, often at older ages than ever before.

Are children now status symbols? if so it is an ironic one. 

The one that almost precludes all others. For if you choose to have kids, you choose to have your walls colored on, you choose to stay up all night with inconsolable infants, you choose to wear sweatpants and forget to brush your hair some weeks. You choose to stretch your belly out of any recognizable form. You choose to spend your evenings at little league games and PTA meetings, weekends camping with Boy Scouts.  You choose to have your names scratched into your car's paint by a kid who just learned to spell. You choose to have the iPhone thrown in the toilet. And you choose to love them, again and again, no matter what they did to your stuff. You learn that the things that make you the happiest are not things at all, but are the relationships and growth of those around you.

Perhaps, kids are a status of your state of mind, one where it not only points to your economic status, but to your priorities.