Monday, April 16, 2018

What the last few weeks of the semester feels like

Whistle while you work

I have a washing machine that plays a little tune when it gets done with its load. I feel happy and wish to dance all my way to the laundry room to change that laundry.

Do you think if I whistled/sang when the dishes needed doing that someone would come happily running and do them?

Friday, April 13, 2018

Weekly Refelction on Final Project week 5?

Yup, The wiki project is still going on. However, I agree with Bonnie, why can't school just be over yet?

Breathe, only 2 more weeks. You can do this.

Yes. I finished all my readings, played wiki fairy and fixed little details on the beast. And then added more monsters, because Mr. E just keeps making Monsters. I peered into his room this morning and what did I see?
A whole heck-a-lot of monsters waiting for me.

I haven't yet got Mr. E on his own wiki. I have barely been in the same room as him all week. So I managed the pics, the uploads and the new pages on some of these babies, but not with much input from their creator, as Dad was taking him to a movie. Maybe a chance tomorrow evening?

I also managed to put this pic on our Facebook page, inviting people, once again to that great wiki.

The readings I did this week did not provide further insight, but in some ways supported the written work on the wiki on dyslexia and wikis.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Studio Tour: Bonnie's Blog

Bonnie Robinson has been consistently blown me away with her thorough, well thought out and very well organized work this semester. I have looked up to her to understand how to be a graduate student. Her final project is no exception.

ok, Bonnie, that's a lot of writing in the last few weeks. One of these days, I'm going to get through it and finish this post.

That reminds me, thank you for the post on Abe's. I'm always looking for vegan eats when I'm in Rochester. I'll be there next May 14th. :) Maybe we can chat in a coffee house together :) And while we are discussing your post on Abe's, I didn't see a link to their website. Perhaps you could provide one? (although I did easily search it up). You could also provide links to other places you bring up, like the Rochester Public Library.

I feel like I am writing in a totally post-modern way, jumping time and styles and streams of consciousness in the middle of the paragraphs, but if anyone could handle it, you can Bonnie, after all, you've studied some Hemingway - the joys of teaching college-level English.

Bonnie is attempted to unfold and then mesh the histories of coffee houses and the internet, especially in their relation to the free exchange of ideas. This is rooted in the first-hand experience at local coffee houses in the Rochester, MN area, where she makes 3 different visits, including interviewing the owner, or barista for a better understanding of the underlying philosophies of the place.

She does a good job in these interviews. They are well constructed and relevant to her overall connections. I find them most fascinating. This project stands out as one that clearly has not reached its apex yet. It hasn't reached a critical mass for nuclear connection, which Bonnie hopes to achieve, and I  look forward to reading.

Studio Tour: Distinctively Dani

Distinctively Dani took on the world of travel blogging. And if there is anything that can give people a strong sense of wanderlust it is a good travel blog. Dani not only discusses travel blogs, looking at 2 of them per week, but she also tries to uncover the hidden meaning behind travel blogging.

In her earlier blog analyzing posts, Dani uses quotes and descriptions to show us how the blogger shares his/her experiences with us. A great example of this is March's post on the Expert Vagabond. Her more recent posts seem to shorten the prose, perhaps the beauty of the blogs analyzed changed.

Dani gives 2 other posts per week, her weekly reflection, and a post where she discusses a particular topic in relation to travel blogging, one was identity and travel blogging, and the other was one was on perks for travel blogging. She reads and discusses articles on these topics with relations to the blogs she has analyzed.

Dani begins her blogging about travel blogs with a discussion on her trip to Savannah, Georgia. She is thinking about attending grad school in writing there. From her appreciation of beautiful prose, her wanderlust wetted and showing through every word she writes, I am sure Dani will make Savannah only one of many places writing will take her in her life.

Studio Tour: Andrew Hanson

Andrew Hanson's Bible Time blog project fascinates me from the perspective of trying not to be a teacher. I teach adult Sunday school, (and substitute for seminary ie: every morning teen scripture class) and also Argument and Exposition this semester and as I read his posts I want to do what all teachers should do best: ask questions! Every time he says something, I want to ask a question in the margins.

I love his initiative on the topic, how he has jumped in and try to understand and explain the verses he tackles. I am not sure the blog format is particularly better suited for this than a wiki would be, except for Andrew's desire not to have his words changed, in which case the blog is best.

When background information is given and links are given to connect the reader to a better understanding of the topic, it makes good use of the medium like his post connecting us links on burnt offerings and God's ransom. I also noticed that they linked to 2 different religious pages, one a non-denominational Christian, specifically on-line ministry and the other is a  Jehovah's Witness. With other posts, the trend continues as Andrew connects us to a wide variety of Christan theological studies. As a reader, it frustrates me that the links don't automatically open in a new tab and I have to hit the back button to continue on the blog.

Andrew gives us a nice amount, enough to learn something, but not enough to be overwhelmed by, of background information on these verses but doesn't tell us where he got this information, obviously, he knows his way around bible scholar sites, but a little credit to the source wouldn't be so bad.

After Andrew expounds on each verse he gives a nice summary of the blog post. Then Andrew ends each of his blog posts with "Thanks, Andrew" That is an interesting touch I don't often see on blogs. Does it make it personal, or does it make it epistolary? And in that case is he following the example of Paul?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Weekly Reflection #3

I bit the bullet and started into those readings, and now we have a nice little page AboutDyslexia.I kinda like how this page turned out. It is quick and hopefully an easy read that may give hope for some flustered parents of frustrated kids with dyslexia. It also dabbles with a little bit of academic research that is not usually connected with dyslexia, but I think Mister E's connection with it makes for a nice little case study.

For only the second time in the wiki, we have pages that link outside the wiki, not only the academic studies but also basic links on some of the learning disorders. Which reminds me, I should also link to a good page on ODD.

The wiki is taking on a nice shape. It is easy to add monster pages and we are beginning to get some good background information/resources available on it. I try to keep everything simple, neat, easy to read and am trying for consistent layouts. I expect layouts of more complicated pages will naturally fall into a standardized pattern and if not, then a little work will be applied to make it so.

For marketing this week, we did make our Facebook post and will have to make another one soon, perhaps tonight or tomorrow, (but I am writing this post today because my weekend is booked) as Mr. E made a really cool monster this week, but I haven’t had time to breathe. He would happily spend most days working with me on the wiki, which is something I just can’t do at this point in the semester (but I did a few weeks ago, which how this wiki got off the ground) But this may be an interesting opportunity to teach him to wiki and see what we come up with. He has started to text his grandparents so perhaps he can write a wiki page. Wouldn’t that build up my argument about how wikis and dyslexics can interact?

But I am once again afraid that everyone is so busy with their lives that I may have to bribe people to add something to the wiki.

Next week I hope to; clean up some details on the wiki, do more readings, write a page on creativity and dyslexia and move into the concepts of how wikis and dyslexics can be mutually beneficial.

As I review this blog post, that I am currently writing, I realize how stream-of-consciousness it is. As a general rule, I try to avoid stream-of-consciousness writing in all forms of academic prose. This week however, I am likely to let it stand because I have moved into the modern and postmodern eras in my literature class and have noticed the predilection of such writers to not only follow streams-of-consciousness, but also to use it as a way to play with time, to jump forward and move backwards with a whiff or a sound that stirs the memories. No wonder this is the era Dr. Who came to being, as we have learned to time travel in our thoughts and our stories.