Thursday, January 25, 2007

Highlights from my travel log

We are waiting for the plane home from LA. And it is 12am here, but this section of the airport is still hopping.

However, there are a few highlights to this trip to the smoggy city that has more cars then people, and more freeways then sidewalks.

The first was actually while packing. I was trying to load my little Mini (prius) with 5 huge luggages that weighted between 70-90 pounds each, and I was slipping on ice and trying to find all ways to shove so many big things into one little car.

I thought that if some body was watching me it would have been hysterical, but nobody was. So then I wondered is something still funny if no one is there to laugh?

Then the street names in downtown LA had interesting pulls on our verbal memories. The street named Figeroa, had us singing opera every time we passed it. The street named Flower had us quoting lines from Bambi and so on. Then there was a street named Hope, and of course we all know that Faith must come after hope. And desire to believe must come just before it.

And in the evening, when we would get tired, because we are still on central time, we would all get a little punch drunk and make the worst jokes. We would be eating and laughing so hard that those around us would have been sure we were drunk, but we all know the difference between those that drink and those that don't is that those that don't have any inhibitions in the first place.

And at the show- The most unorthodox thing to behold was a man wearing a fake pregnant belly. It was just kinda wrong- very wrong.- but made a great conversation piece.

Tonight was fun. We were out of the show by 6:11 (not bad, it didn't officially close until 6).
And we leisurely made our way to the airport at mock 1- (LA freeway, 6pm) Mom got confused on some of the lanes and went across 6 lines of traffic in one leap to make our exit.

We had dinner at a steak house and the sugar dish there was the cutest thing. It looked kinda like a space ship to begin with, but then I realized it was a little robot head with most adorable button nose and it started to sing "Good Night Sweetheart" and yawn so big that its nose stood straight up in the air. I asked the manager if I could buy it- but she said they didn't have any extra to sell. I will have to do a drawing of this up for you- it is just too cute.

And then we found a spa with chineze massages. And these women walked on your back and could do things I never dreamed possible with their feet. Very nice after a long week of lifting 90 pound luggages.

So far my family hasn't died without me. There is still life there- I just hope there isn't too much life lurking in all the unwashed corners :)

And Last night Mike told me that taking care of the kids and the house was "not a one man job."
But somehow they seem to expect 1 women to be able to do it.