Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A lot of my favorite blogs post predictions at this time every year. You can read Sharon's here, and Orlov's here.

So I thought maybe I should do a few too, but first I asked the wisdom holders of the next generation.

Galen said that there will be a new Lego movie out. He even named it.
Ewan said that my parents' dog could die.
Ian said that he'll get new toys.
Clay said "I will get a new toys too."

My guess is that my children's predictions will be more accurate then mine :) Just remember to value my advice for the amount you paid for it.

10 predictions for 2010

1. That Shannon will learn how to take off all her clothes. This will occur in the same week she learns to open the house doors and run into the yard. Children always seem to learn new skills in sets of 2.

2. That the real price of oil/energy in all storable forms will continue to climb and that we will rejoice in finding ways to use less of it.

3. That it will take my family all year to successfully transition to cloth wipes for toileting use.

4. That Galen will continue to do well in school and that we will have to fight for getting enough challenge to keep Ian interested.

5. That we will be living closer to the earth, particularly for when we go to bed and arise each day.

6. That Ian will desire to take care of himself, and learn how to, and be willing to do it several times a day with minimal adult support. (ok, this one may be a stretch for this year)

7. That technology and the access to it will start to be limited due to budget constants. Many families will be priced out of personal computers and internet connections.

8. That airlines will continue to offer degrading services for higher and higher prices. This means that many families will also be priced out of flying. (that and the fact that new regulations will began to make the 1,200 mile trips by car with 5 kids look easy).

9. That Hunt Utilities Group will began marketing a very promising line of awesome houses that will not only lower utility bills (good bye heating costs) but they will also be designed to handle lots of kids effectively in small spaces. And they have a green house to assist in your gardening efforts.

10. That people will began to realize that other people matter to them, that other people matter more then another computer game or the next TV show and that they will began to talk with them more, play more games together and build a community.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I saw Christmas. I got my car stuck trying to get out of an unplowed driveway and before I could call someone for help, 2 cars stopped and help me push my car back on the road. I think the amazingly quick response of the two different sets of strangers was a sample of the True Spirit of Christmas. If only we could all remember and do that everyday!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Rollercoaster

Tonight, as we lit the dinner candles and turned off the light, we actually had a few moments of reverence. The kids felt awe. They were polite and asked for things nicely at the table. If that is what it is like to eat in the dark- then maybe we will do it more often. :)

But no worries- they made up for it big time after wards. The did the dishes quickly with almost no fighting- I even got them to sing for their right to open presents. But when the presents were open all *ell broke loose. I had 3 kids screaming at the top of their lungs. 2 because they didn't get the $90 toy the wanted and the third because she couldn't hold the doll fast enough(it was all strapped in to the package).

The doll was easy to take care of, but the other two... I should have thrown out in the snow for being ungrateful. Clay was having a first class melt down- I still don't know what his problem was. I wonder if he was trying to act like his brother. Ewan was the one who was pouting and fussing at not getting his $90 toy. I have warned the kids all year that I was not buying toys for Christmas (especially not expensive ones). It took him about an hour to calm down and began to realize how awesome the tool set I got for him was. Then he nailed up a letter holder on the wall that he got Dad for Christmas and enjoyed discussing the tree forts he could build. Right now he is hammering on something up in his bedroom.

I am not sure if I want to find out what it is.

Monday, December 14, 2009

oxytocin and autism

Does this remind you of Galen?

"From the perspective of the newborn, babies also more often seem to have problems making close contact with their mothers after an oxytocin-assisted delivery, -which can lead to problems during nursing. Disproportionately, such babies coming in to my practice displayed behavioural signs of trauma. They were more likely to display the moro reflex and this over a longer period of time, and they were often very easily startled. Such infants are often known as "screaming children�, and may only be calmed when on someone's arm. Usually, an infantile colic is diagnosed in such cases and a therapy is then arranged to address this "disorder'. Affected infants also tended to show a change in skin complexion, and to sweat. They were usually restless and only able to focus after a while. They were sometimes hypotonic or hypertonic and often had problems controlling head movements.

Even if these criteria are not seen as oxytocin-specific, but rather as general criteria for a traumatised baby, I first became aware of a correlation with the use of a labour promoter, because these same children were also the children who were not able to be comforted immediately after birth, even by their own mothers. While in cases of non-assisted births (even those completed only after many days of labour-related strain), once the newborns had overcome the stressful experience of birth, these children were subsequently able to be calmed through bodily contact. Could the missing of oxytocin at the bonding sites be a possible mechanism for the persistent restlessness of these children? "

read paper here

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mothers are like fresh air and clean water... Nobody notices you until you're gone.

Also none of the above are counted as valuable in world economics either.