Tuesday, September 26, 2006

more from Plan B

"no economy, however technologically advanced, can survive the collapse of its environmental support systems.

Resources that accumulated over eons of geological time are being consumed in a single human lifespan. We are crossing natural thresholds that we cannot see and violating deadlines that we do not recognize. These deadlines, determined by nature, are not politically negotiable.

We know from earlier civilizations that the lead indicators of economic decline were environmental, not economic. The trees went first, then the soil, and finally the civilization itself. To archeologists, the sequence is all too familiar.

Earlier civilizations that moved onto an economic path that was environmentally unstable did so largely in isolation. But in today's increasingly integrated, interdependent world economy, if we are facing civilization decline, we are facing it together. The fate of all peoples are intertwined.

Recomended book list

This title is a link to my list.
Here is my recommended book list. These books focus on our world and how we interact with it.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

the only true power is love unfeigned.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Plan B

I am going to be quoting a lot of a book entitled "Plan B" on my blog in the coming days/weeks. Plan B is written by Lester R Brown and to put it simply it is about saving our planet and society from our self destructive path.

The budget to effect the changes to Eradicate Poverty, and restore the earth is only 1/3 of the US's military budget. We have all the tools and knowledge needed. All we need is mobilization. And we need it before nature's time runs out.

"We know that sustainable progress depends on restructuring the global economy to one based on renewable resources, a diverse transportation system, and a comprehensive reuse/recycle materials system. Sustaining progress also means eradicating poverty, stabilizing population, and restoring the earth's natural systems. Securing the additional public outlays needed to reach these goals depends on reordering fiscal priorities in response to the new threats to security.

In this mobilization, the scarcest resource of all is time. The temptation is to reset the clock, but we cannot. Nature is the timekeeper."

Adding insult to injury

Our bathroom floor has had an issue for a little while. We finally traced a lot of the issue to a toilet that was not properly (or isn't anymore) installed and leaked with each flush. Our bathroom floor is wood. It is a nice wood, but wood and water do not mix.

So we have had to turn that toilet off. So whenever I have to go potty I have to hop, wiggle and crutch my way through the halls, living room and kitchen to get to the other toilet in the house. So now it is a leave 5 minutes before you have to be there, even at 4 am. I am ready to get a waterless toilet. Have one sitting around?

On a less hoppy note Galen scored 100% on his spelling test Friday. I was quite impressed. He even missed 2 days of studying for it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm hoppy!

Like a frog I am feeling very hoppy today.

That of course is probably due to the little sports injury I sustained doing my daily Olympic triathlon. (waking Galen up, getting Galen dressed, getting Galen on the bus).

This is the first autistic school day Galen has had this year, so I was kinda out of training, and it shows.

So now instead of walking or crawling, I get to wiggle, butt scoot and use some crutches..

I sustained a rather painful knee injury. I think I must have ripped a tendon on the inside of the knee. The doc said that nothing was obviously broken and to verify more then that would take an MRI. So I am to try to heal, and if it doesn't, then I get an MRI on the poor knee.

Clayton is having a hard time with it. As he is used to being able to be carried and crawling all over Mama.

Meanwhile I plan to send some praise and thanks to the school district bus staff. For when I fell loading Galen on the bus, the bus driver called my husband (no answer) and then my parents for me. Then waited with a bus load of kids until the head of the transportation came out to be with me until my parents showed. Meanwhile I was sitting on the side of the road holding my knee and screaming (most unlady like) in pain. (but not unlike some labors). That scream came again when Galen bumped my knee during reading time.

So I am very hoppy for the immediate future. And I wish you the most happiness. (but I do advise not trying for hoppiness).

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, I cant say reclaiming my kitchen has been a huge success. It has meant that I clean, I cook and I clean and I cook. It has at least made it possible for me to cook occasionally though, because the kitchen was at least cleaned some time in the last week. And also that I clean while I cook.

I have also taken over the laundry again. And that I have seen much improvement in.

But it all boils down to that fact that we are eating better, and eating out less, and have clean clothes to wear. Some of which are still not folded. The eating better is very important because I draw my physical energy from my food, and my body really can tell when I feed it well verses just feed it.

Meanwhile I actually managed to take 40 hours off this weekend. So I am ready to hit the business mode again. Watch out and send me your to do lists....

now it is time for most challenging task of the weekend- Getting Galen to do his homework. :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I reclaimed my kitchen today, which is kinda like reclaiming my soul, my center, my universe, family. It grounds me with my past and present role, one decreed by gender and spirit. One that also connects me to my mother, grandmothers and women kind who spent lives in their kitchen to take care of their families. And of course it connects me to Mother Earth and her wonderful bounty in which I am a partner in the role of the nutrient cycle.

It allows me to find my familiar and necessary place in the great clockwork of the universe. To make my dent in time because I loved someone enough to feed them. Not just once, but day in and day out. And to maintain the system that allows that to happen.

So I reclaimed my kitchen today. May bounteous nourishment and love shine for from it, as a beacon in the dark fast food world and lead the hungry to food, the lonely to comfort and the pained to health.

May your kitchens be reclaimed and shine forth in equal accomplishments.