Saturday, November 12, 2011

A to Z guide to me

I'm stealing this meme from my pal Rachel over at the blog Totally Ovar It.
And I'm stealing it from Crunchy Chicken.

Age: 33, but usually can't remember until I do the math... it is easy to remember I'm over 30.

Bed size: King... 2 babies and a hubby sleep there.

Chore I hate: Homework!

Dogs: Samwise- 7yr old big black shag rug, and Odie a Austrian Shepard poodle mix. Way more small dogish then I had planned.

Essential start to my day: getting kids on the bus.

Favorite color: Any real colors...forget the uncolors!

Gold or silver: depends on what the application is.

Height: 5'10". Not as tall as my oldest kid.

Instruments I play: (kinda) piano, clarinet.

Job title: Mom.

Kids: Galen, almost 13, Ewan 11, Ian almost 9, Clayton 6, Shannon 3, Reuben 8 months.

Live: Small Town, northern Minnesota.

Mother's name: Lynn, Lynnie, Mom

Nicknames: none

Overnight hospital stays: Just after a few of my labor and delivery.

Pet Peeve: Children bugging me after midnight, phones ringing off the hook.

Quote from a movie: "Capt'n, there be whales here."

Right or left handed: right, until I carrying baby, then left.

Siblings: Older Brother, Younger sister.

Time I wake up: 3 am feeding, 4 am wet bedding change, 5 am screaming toddler, 7 am to wake kids for bus. 10 am to start the day.

Underwear: Yes. Details are only for my husband.

Vegetable I hate: I have to admit, I have never understood the point of an eggplant.

What makes me run late: Small children who don't listen.

X-rays I've had: wrist once to see if it was broken or strained (fall carrying kid), knee once to see if it was broken or sprained (accident because of kid).

Yummy food I make: vegan baked goods!

Zoo animal: The animal that gives me the largest thrills are the big cats, other then that I do really like giraffes.