Friday, December 31, 2004


We somehow managed to find one of our children under a mess of a mop today, although he cried and wined through the whole process. But it was time. I think he was actually happy with it when he was able to look in the mirror and see himself.

And not only that but we made him strip of his spiderman pj's that he has worn all week and now he is even in the bathtub! So he will be clean and not only ready for his birthday party tomarrow, but for the rest of the school year as well. And today's events remind me why we not only spend $40 on a clipper set, but avoid hairstylists for our children as well.

The first and only time we took Galen to get a professional hair cut, they both ended up crying.

End of the Year notes

Well The end of the year is finally upon us. I have to admit I am not sad to see this year go, and I look forward to new lifes and growth in the comming year.

For those of you who want to know: the baby with in is about the size of my fist, and weighs about 2.5 oz. I am 15 weeks and expect to start feeling movement in the next week or two. This I look forward to as a daily reassurance.

The year in numbers:
# of months spent pregnant 9
# of months spent nursing 3
# of deaths in the family 2-3
# of unexpected hospital stays in my family 2
# of new cars 1
# of books read 14 (most over 700 pages)
# of broken crayons 800
# of dishes washed 3000
# of loads of laundry done 300
# of trade shows exhibited at 1
# of chocolate bars eaten unknown
# of major car repairs 2
# of plants grown in house 3
# of miles put on sewing machine 20
# of quilts made 2
# of days Galen missed school 6
# of trips taken as family (more then to Grandma's up the road) 1
# of musems visited 2
# of (night time) family prayers 363
# of family home evenings held 48
# of tylonals taken 10 (not bad for a year!)

What I really could use to end this year well- an organic chocoalte bar

What I might serve for dinner- pancakes

What I am probably going to do right around midnight -trying to talk a child back into bed after a nightmare or potty break.

What are your numbers?

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Today is an oatmeal cookie day!

Overcast skys and lack of traffic this morning made it a great day to sleep in. Even all of our kids joined us in bed and fell back to sleep. However, 3 kids plus a man and a pregnant women make for a very crowded bed.

Then when I got up I actually did work. Yes, believe it or not I took care of some business stuff! Then, instead of going down and showering, I made cookies. Nothing tastes as good as oatmeal cookies on a rainy/icy day. I still need to shower, but now I have to wait until all the cookies are out of the oven.

Ewan just went out side to get his fraidy cat in from the garage. The cat wanted to come when we called, but was afraid of getting wet- the first time I think he was more afraid of Ewan at the door to meet him.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My opinions about the news

UN's comment that America was stingy with aid: Well the UN just doesn't understand us Americans. They don't realize that we are so busy this time of year rushing to the store to buy storage containers for all of the glut we got burried under from Christmas, that we just don't have time or energy to think about anybody else.

The Earthquake and resulting title wave: One more reason not to live on the crowded sea coasts.

The news that some parents got so fed up with thier kid's behavior that they put the $700 worth of video games on ebay: too little to late, rewarding good behavior and punishing the bad has to start at about 6 months old and is never something we can let up on. And come on, the kids must have been spoiled, $700 of video game toys for Christmas? Just how many of those games promote working togther and parental respect?

Have I been awake to long

or have I just filled my morning quota for activity yet?
Got up, made breakfast, oatmeal
went to the chiro
short grocery trip for a few nessicities like stuffing for the ham dinner
bathed Ian, did laundry, studied prophecies about the earth realing to and fro on it's axcess in relations to current events and sent off emails detailing design specs for a beautiful new outfit.

So I guess it is lunch, then nap time and maby then i will consider what to do next. In other words, my brain is frozen in a tired fog and . . . I forgot what else I was going to say- sorry I'll try to something more interesting next time.

Like how Galen's diet really effects how well he can read that night.- Not advisable for good reading : frozen pizza and ice cream. Very good for reading: chili and organic corn chips

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Questionaire and Recipie of the Day

Quick Chili:

Do you add a whole onion or just one half? Well that depends on how many onions I have and how long it will be before I have money to buy more. Today it was just half because we only had 2 onions left and over a week before payday.

How many cloves of garlic? As many as I think I can tollerate!

What kind of meat? A whole pound of organic hamburger!

Then brown the beef, garlic and onions and add the chili poweder. Spicy or no? Flavorful but I don't like my chili biting back all night.

How many people are you feeding tonight? 5 and, and the majority are growing boys or pregnant women.

What kind of tomatoes do you add? a whole gallon of tomato juice, not too many people around here prefer the chunky tomato variety.

Now what? I add 2 cans of corn, 2 can of beans and several stocks of cut up celery.

Taste, adjust as nessicary and simmer until dinner.

What do you serve with your chili? Corn muffins, today it is gluten free corn muffins, becasue that is the mix on hand.

Time of year

To dejunk and clean. Last night I dejunked my main floor bathroom, spice cupboard and a row of underutilized drawers in my kitchen. I tried to dejunk my small applience cupboard, but was very suprized that all of my small allpiences I actually use on a regular basis. This includes my waffle maker, air popper, electric beater, crock pot, blender, toaster and bread maker. I was mostly suprized to find out that I didn't have any small applience junk to give away.

Gandolf is learning how to best come in from the cold. Now he hangs around the door until he sees it open, at which time he comes in. It sure makes it nice not to wonder where the sily cat went. I think he goes outside because the inside boars him, especially after the kids go to bed, and the dog is jsut too easy to control.

Our family is getting off of scheduel. It's going to be rough next week if we don't ammend this now.

I had to put our Christmas ornaments away last night. Half the tree was barren at bed time, adn I hadn't the heart to not act and let my memories get trampled by toy trucks, so Galen helped me get all of the ornaments from under the tree and couches and I wrapped the securely and put them in the box. Now, i just got to find what I did with the Navitity box and put that away before another King loses an arm.

Well, I need to find something more to eat, the muffins weren't enough and my body has been redicoulsy hungery and demanding of food lately.

Does anybody want to babysit this week so Mike and I can go out?

Monday, December 27, 2004

The time of year for love and graditude

Love, Dogs and cats sharing the one dog bed in the house. They were lying down together. The cat was on it's back and had it's belly exposed to the gental scratching of the Dog's paw. I had to get a camera, but as soon as they saw the camera they had to stop acting like friends. Silly animals!

Gratitude tonight for family Home Evening we talked about graditude, adn the act of letting your thanks be known. So I had the kids write/ draw a thank you card to thier grandparents for the gifts they've recieved. Thinking each kid could cover one set of grandparents. Well, Galen had his own thing to be thankful for. He is thankful for his star wars battle droid, adn ended up writting me a thank you note for it. He talked a lot about the battle droid while we were giving the lesson. Then when we were writting thank-yous he asked who gave him the battle droid, where did I get it? ect.

Than about 2 minutes later he handed me his card that said "Star Wars Mom." I knew what he ment and was touched by it. I filled in a few details in my pen so I would know what it means 20 years from know when I finally get around to putting it in his scrap book.

I was touched.

Holiday Week!

Good Morning to all those lucky folks who have the last week of the year off!
The rest of us own or have responsibilities in businesses :) That means we are doing hunderds of paper work items last week of the year stuff- like taxes, accounting and marking down prices for year end clearance!

I wish I had a women to shop with me today. It would be fun to get out of the house and see what nobody else wanted all year, then marvel that anybody would be crazy enough to make those items in the first place.

Anyways on to more personal matters. This morning I thought my belly felt small- that is until I put on my maternity pants and was supprised that there was no space I needed to roll up in the belly! Then, of course I notice my shirts (non maternity) are not comming down far enough or are hanging wrong over a sizeable lump in my abdoman. Of course, I am very happy to see it grow. It sure beats the alternatives!

Our cat came back this morning. It seems he likes to spend 2 cold nights outside every week before comming in and being cuddiled to death by hordes of sticky fingered children. Speaking of sticky fingered, you'd never guess what I let them eat for breakfast (it occured after 11 am).
They had frozen yogurt on top of rice crispies!

The only reason we have rice crispies was for the banana sin bars and Christmas Card Candy, otherwise I just don't buy processed cereal. But as long we have it, and I am done with it, they might as well finish it off!

The children have been watching Sponge Bob. They really enjoy it, allthough both parents find it annoying. But at least he is happy. usually kind and mostly nonviolent. I still prefere Barney though.

Galen turns 6 on Saturday and you all invited to a big Ham dinner and little birthday party for him, and if you spend the night before we can put the kids to bed early and play games, and generally ring in the new year mormon parent style!

Also in the news: Mom and I are hosting a weight loss challange for 2005! That means is if you loose the most weight between Dec 31 2004 and Dec 31 2005 (has to done wisely and heailthly) then you win $1000. More rules will be posted as they are created!
If you are interested to sign up for the challenge (this is free) then let me know. You may post here as a comment or email me!

Well, I got to run to the post office. And might as well look around at some of the sales too!

HAve a good one!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

First time in history

My kids are not hungery, they haven't eaten a decent amount in 5 major meals!

I hope it's just excitment over Christmas and the like, because I don't know what to do with unhungry kids.

Ian hasn't even been eating! He left his whole plate of scrambled eggs.

And I might have to lock thier toys away if they don't get into the bathtub soon.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

At least somebody is going to bed early

The day must have been too full of excitment for the littlest pumpkin. So bed time will come soon.

Meanwhile dinner was served, and presents were opened after brunch was eaten and cleaned up. We were mean and saved Galen's battle droid present for very last. But when he opened it he sang the little "I am happy, I got what I have wanted so long" song, then spent the rest of the day playing with the little lego set Santa gave him. The battle droid was never far from him though.

Ewan was soo cute. He got a big bulldozer and wanted to take it outside. He looked so cute trying to ride it in the snow, plowing our patio, that I just had to take a picture.

Ian had a picture taken of him too today, when he made a pouty face when we told him "no" to opening Ewan's present. Pouty faces are so rare on Ian that I felt we had to capture it while we had the chance :)

Mike put Ian's bulldozer together today, then Galen took it apart and built some sort of space vechile with it.

The cat hasn't tried to take Sammy's bed today. Sammy started growling at the cat last night when he came close to the bone we gave Sam for Christmas. He also barked! First time in months that he barks and it was at the cat that pushed him out of bed yesterday!

Meanwhile, I am of the opinion the childless males have no business selecting gifts for young children. They think they can do it by memory, but honestly thier memory doesn't stretch back far enough. GI Joe? Sponge Bob? just why would we want our children emulating them? I am picking on them because I found a pattern and because I have faith that the childless males will have little interest in reading my blog.

Enough ranting, it is Christmas, Enjoy a silent night if possible.

Christmas Eve

After dinner, I got the decorations box out, set it on the couch then asked Mike to help me hang the garlands. But by the time we got back upstairs Galen, Ewan and Ian had proudly hung all the "ornery mints" on the tree. So we decided not to hang the garland and to keep the decoration box handy, as we are sure the "ornery mints." won't be hanging for long. Actually, I am suprized at how much they haven't played with them. And the tree looks much better :)

Then everyone was allowed to each open one presenet, which they played with until bedtime. Ewan just loves the truck Grandma Ruth and Nathan sent. And Ian was all over the electronic puzzels.

Then we told the kids they had to get to bed so Santa could come before he was too tired and went to bed too. It worked. 1/2 hour later we had 3 sleeping kidlets and Santa could make a little bit of homade candy, wrapped presents and stuffed stockings.

By 10pm Santa had gone and went and Mamma was able to put on some nice quiet Christmas music and enjoy a few desperately needed minutes of peace before she too went to bed. And was so glad she wasn't cooking a full turkey dinner on the morrow.

This morning the kids woke up early 7:40 (about the same time as on school days). And Mike carefully guided them around the living room until everybody was up and he had the camera to capture thier faces Christmas Morning. I turned on the tree lights and the full orchestral Christmas music as they were comming up the stairs. Then the kids got to see thier stocking against the lighted tree, and it was beautiful.

They enjoyed thier Santa gifts, and should keep busy with them until brunch is served and cleaned up. At which time we will read/ see the Christmas Story in Luke and then let them open thier big gifts. Well, I better go start the bacon and scrambled eggs. :)

Merry Christmas, If I do n't remember to call- Call me!

Friday, December 24, 2004

T'was the night before Christmas

And all through the house
Every creature was stirring
Excepet for the mouse.

The stockings were still
in the box to unwrap
Because Mommy was pregnant
and she felt like cr**

But dinner was served
and the tylonal kicked in
so Christmas festivities
could almost begain . . .

Christmas is comming, It's practicly here

And at least the tylonal worked!, and I got my shower.

but of course, I already goofed on Christmas eve dinner. I tried to make rolls, but forgot the yeast again! so being that this is the second time in a row that I forgot the yeast for my dough, I asked Mike for a marker and wrote "yeast!" in big bold letters right on the top of my bread maker. Hopefully that means that we will have nice soft, fluffy cinamon rolls for breakfast.

My rice hotdish is cooking. Sans the cream soups and any other thing that might make a group of small children more hyper than they need to be on the eve of a big holiday.

The cat, for Christmas, took Sam's bed. Layed down right in the middle of it. It was funny at first, until it became painfully clear that Sam did not know what to do. He just stood there and looked helpless. We have a timid dog. So finally Mike took pitty on him and picked up the cat so the dog could lay down. Then we let the kids play with the cat for a few minutes. The cat has to learn he can not always push other around.

Another cute thing: Galen and Ewan were saying that they wanted to open a present. A few minutes later Ian came in and proudly announced that he wanted to "open a pheasent." So I asked him if he wanted it stuffed. Maybe in England someone is eating stuffed pheasent for Christmas dinner.

Well, I'm going to have a bit more of my deep dark chocolate, chase a few kids upstairs and maybe sit down and start sewing the Iansaurus.

Lots of thoughts running through my head

1st of all- Gandolf showed his face this morning. When a squirel timidly ran across the yard, Gandolf was there to chase it. Since then he has been sitting under a tree watching and waiting for more things to chase. I think that the cat occasionally prefers to be the hunter instead of the hunted. "Here kitty, kitty."

Next: I think I need to open a restaraunt "Raya's House of Pancakes" or as Mike called it "R HOP." Any idea how much the top pancake chefs in the country make?

And another thought" If you'd like to get me a baby present or throw a shower, please remember I have baby clothes, and equipment. What I really need are things that make life eaiser when growing a large family. Like a pancake griddle that can grill 8 or 12 pancakes at a time. Or maby a mamoth crock pot, or a year's supply of Pampers, or offer to babysit, or send in a house cleaner for a day. Or a self cleaning fridge, or a laundry room next to the kitchen.

That last one is a good idea, I'll have to remember I want that when I enlarge the kitchen, to make it possible for our family to sit down together for a meal., or maby even cook a meal together, or clean up afterwards. (might as well add another bedroom too)

What about Christmas? Well, in my opinion Christmas can wait on me. I need to do t hings like shower, and wrap presents and sew presents before I even concider that Christmas is comming. Maby someday I'll even work my way up to spend Christmas on Mount Crumpet.

Silly animals

The cat may be smart enough to avoid being mauled by children, but he wanted out tonight it is now -12, adn is estimated to reach -15 tonight.

It feels so cold I keep pictureing this "flash frozen" pussy cat outside as a lawn ornement.
My dog doesn't want out, but he already experinced outside when I let him out after dinner then forgot about him for 15 minutes. Poor Pooch!

Meanwhile my children are being tucked under more blankets every time we look at them. And I just haven't had the guts to brave shoveling the 1/2" of snow off the driveway in this weather.

Tomarrow I plan to bake some Christmas Cookies with the kiddos and drop them off at the neighbor's house. Kind of a "welcome to the neighborhood, and by the way have a great Christmas" gift. This is of course assuming I see life in thier house, as I am not going to leave my cookies to freeze on the doorstep or miss the oppertunity for a friendly chat.

So that's life here, cold hands, floors, pussycats, but warmer hearts and beds :)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

If I was God in the business world

I'd write a few commandments like:

Thou shall not peve your customers


Thou shall think about your shipping methods and choose what gives your customers the best results- this of course applies to shipping chocolate at 110 degrees or flowers at -20. The chocolates won't ship above 90, but the flowers, well their policy is to drop it on the door step and run, no matter what the weather. And concidering it was -20, where I had the flowers shipped to, the flowers got there but were not worth much.

And the most important customer service tip of all "I will do anything to make you happy." If I made the mistake I would be willing to fix the problem, and keep my customers, but not this flower company. So I would advise you to think twice about ordering from

So far I have never refussed a customer request. So I guess that is why a nice magority of my sales are from repeat customers. They also like when I remember the names and preferences. And I think they like that I am a live human being and have the power to do anything to make them happy.

More companies should concider this approach to customer service. It's powerful.

-11 degrees and anyone who was smart

would still be tucked soundly into thier beds, but not me. I have to get up and toast the bread for Galen's PB sandwich and get him on the school bus fot his last day of school this year. Our cat even decided to bed down with us last night, adn if I coul dn't get him out the door at -2, I probably don't have a chance at -11.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Never, Ever, Ever, Never again

Will I let Mike talk me into going to Target during Evening hours a few days before the biggest Holiday of the year. It was a zoo, a madhouse and they couldn't keep anything in stock. From now on anybody who suggests such a think will be shot, strung up, gutted and utterly abolished.

Rejoice with Me!

I have paid off the last of my medical bills from this crazy year! (and still have a little bit of money for groceries and gas). So starting now, instead of paying on medical bills, I will pay that money into savings to cushion future medical bills and unexpected expenses.

And wish me luck that something else doesn't some up and eat that money out of our account before it's safely within the confines of the savings and loan. And someday I might even be able to afford to start savings for collages and missions for this kiddlets.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Merry Christmas To all, And to all a strong heart beat

At least that's what I wanted and heard today. about 150/160 beats per minute is what we heard from the baby today. It's always nice to hear a heartbeat, but it was very nice today.

Galen's class party went well. The trip to post office took alot longer than expected becasue I had to stand in line to get the right custume forms for mailing an order to Canada! How riduclous, what about the North American Free Trade Agreement? Shouldn't that negate any custume activities between here and there? Or does that only count if you're shipping billions of dollars worth?

The cutest thing stated last night during Family Home Evening "When I grow up, I want to be the Holy Ghost." By Ewan. Our lesson was "Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus's Birthday."

We're getting our floor in today. It's looking nice. The walls really bring out the peach highlights in the tile. We now have enough snow that somebody is going to have to shovel the driveway when it is empty enough.- Probably tomarrow is my guess. Then I can do with the kids, adn everything I clear they will unclear.

Well, I am begaining to feel like it is naptime. Have a great one!

Pussy Cat, pussy Cat Where have you been?

While, according to the footprints in the snow he was at our front and back doors and in and out of the garage several times. (we left the garage open the other night for him when he was no where to br found before bed.) So we calle dhim this morning and he came right in. Then we soothered him in love, let him eat, then helped him excape the kiddos.

So I found him in our closet and petted him for a minute. Then he followed me into the bathroom, so I picked him up and did more petting before depositing him on Mik's lap- because today I need to run. I have a million things to do, like help with a holiday party and see my midwife- let's hear this baby!

Anyways- have a great day- I gotta go!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Just thought of more things to say

2 of the pumpkins got thier hairs cut this morning. Ian is now a proud owner of a bunch of short hairs, Ewan is now a proud owner of a thick head of short curls. Ian made the most horendous faces while Mike was cutting his hair. I really should have video taped it. I couldn't stop laughing. Ewan was like a big boy, sat very still and followed dirrections. Galen we are still trying to convince that Santa won't come if he doesn't let us cut his hair.

Mike cuts the kids' hair in the kitchen. So he moved the dog's food and water bowls to accomadate his cutting space. He forgot to move them back. So after we were done with the rib feeding freenzy and I was done with the pinwheel dates, then I went to wipe off the table. At one point I stepped back, straight into the water dish, slipper and all! "Who moved the dog's bowl?" I yelled.

"I did," Said Mike "why?" then he couldn't stop laughing at me. Silly men.

Chocolate Cakes and baking Dates

Welcome to another episode of "this is my life" with your host and self centered guru ME!

My mother, sister and nephew stopped by on thier way home from a sucessful kidney transplant. The roads were all ice this morning, so they weren't sure they would be able to, but the promise of Christmas presents and pinwheel date cookies seemed to lure them enough. I sent the first pinwheel date roll home with mom to bake. SO Amber- stop over and take a few :)

And they left a bunch of leftover food here. Mostly from dinner last night. They must have eaten at Famous Dave's. And all of the leftovers went fast. Every ear of corn and muffin was scarfed with in 10 minutes of thier departure. I was too busy working on more pinwheel dates to have a chance at the rib feeding frenzy, so all I got to do was hide that chocolate cake, and eat it once the kids were upstairs. It was still good :) mmmmm very good.

Meanwhile, My house is begaining to fill up with presents from all over the USA. We have some that came all the way from Florida, California and Utah. It's nice to know that people in many localities love you enough to think about you.

I can't think of anything else to say right now, other than our floor is not in because the icy roads helped the instalation team end up in the ditch this morning. So tomarrow they shall try again. :)

Happy day- now if only we could find where the pussy cat us hiding.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Pussy Cats, Rubber Mats and Stranger Things

We now have one kitty- "Gandolf the Grey" one dog "Samwise", a fish, adn about 5 or 6 snai ls at any one time. Gandolf is our newest addition and he seems to be enjoying the love and company of a houseful of young boys. Gandolf is also smart enough and big enough to sucessfully run and hide when needed.

A half hour after we got the kitty, Gandolf pulled one of his great excapes, adn the kids spent the next hour looking for Gandolf, of course the kids are not good at finding thier shoes, nontheless a thinking cat. So Gandolf stayed sucessfully hidden until bedtime, when I thought I better check the kids' closet before locking the door for the night. Sure enough Gandolf was in there, happily laying on a pile of clothes. So I picked him up and petted him. He started purring, and I let all the kids pet him once before setting down outside the room.

However, somehow in the course of ripping out the entry way carpet, Galen found Gandolf, tucked him into the little "Cat bed" he made from him and is now lavishing loving attention on the furry animal. When I checked in, Gandolf didn't seem to mind. But I may have to seperate the two so Galen will get some sleep.

Well That's all about the pussy cat now, so on to Rubber mats. We ripped out the carpet in the entry tonight in prep for the new tiles that are going in tomarrow. So I cleaned it up and layed down the wonderful "mud catcher" mat that I bought for it last week from U-line. Stores just don't carry things quite of that quality. But it is not a suprise to me that industrial strength is a neccisity for a house full of boys.

Stranger things? I have a craving but I don't know what for. So I guess it's time to nibble until something hits the spot. :)

Have a good night!

Pregnant dreams

Pregnancy Dreams always feel so real. But I think my dreams of late will prove that this child is a girl. In the other pregnancies (3 boys) I have dreamed about sex.

You know what I've dreamed about the last couple nights? Shopping for clothes! I don't ever recall dreaming about clothes shopping before. To tell you the truth the sex dreams are more fun. The dreams about clothes shopping are just as fustrating as they are in real life. Everything you like is too expensive, and everything else doesn't fit.

Oh well, at least it means I sould have someone to take shopping with me :)
Yes we are still alive, but just lacking in intersting things to say.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Why do you blog?

In a dimwitted hope that perhaps, someone, someday, might take me seriously.

Or maby there is almost the approximation of talking to another adult, using any words you wish and without being itterupted 100 times by a child saying "I have to go potty."

Sometime's I blog to share things, I think my reader might be interested in knowing.

But mostly I blog to talk to myself- however I do realize that other people are listening in- so I do try to occasionally be curtious to myself or at least no as offending to others as I might be otherwise if nobody was listening, but I don't want a stupid blog in an onery moment to change a good relationship.

However it is tempting to use a blog to snarel at people, but nobody likes to be snarled at and if we want to watch somebody being mean to eachother, then we can just turn on the TV, where at least being mean to eachother is scripted for laughs.

Well, I need to give Ian a bath before his smelly trail permiates the house. SO have a good morning and go and do something useful today!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

A few cute things I forgot to mention

Over the last few days, I have been drained and busy- so here are a few things I should have written but didn't.

On the night we put our Christmas tree up, Ian sat next to it, trying to blow out the lights like the candles on the birthday cake. (then because the lights are plugged into a switched outlet) Mike started telling Ian to blow, and then would switch them off. Then he's have Ian suck, adn turn the lights back on. Then once Ian figgured out the lights were switched, he sat at the switch turning the lights on and off as he sucked and blowed.

Galen Flys because he takes himself lightly. We got a small trampoline for Ian's birthday, we thought it would prolong the life of our matress. So this afternoon Galen set the trampline halfway between the stairway and the oversided stuffed chair. The he'd jump from the stairway to the trampline and onto the chair.

Ok- so how has Ewan been cute. It always seems like the middle child gets overlooked. Ewan got a new pair of boots. And tonight I had to physically pick him up and take them off of him or he would have worn them to bed.

Anyways- if someone wishes to invest a box of RiceCrispies & cream, I'll give them a share of Banana Sin Bars.
If someone whishes to invest 2 pounds of dates, I'll give them a share in pinwheel date cookies.

I think I remember this stage of pregnacy

It's called "just when you think it's gets better, it gets worse."
yes, I remember complaining to my nurse last time adn she pointed out that according to my records, I usually feel sickly until about 14/15 weeks. And she's right, I even remember that from Galen's pregnancy.

ok, just a week or two to go. Then I can stop feeling ill when I eat, and even worse when I don't. Then I can look forward to waddling and persisitant heartburn. Sometime's you wonder if passing on your genetics is worth all this.- of course one still wonders that when your gentetic material is 5 years old and spinning wildly in the kitchen.

Yet, all they have to do is fall asleep in your arms or excitedly shout "Mommy!" when you come home, and the question disapears.

New Christmas Day- Feb 14th

Good thing Christmas doesn't wait for us to be ready for it. At this rate, our Chritsmas wouldn't come until Valentime's Day. I have so much to do that I just don't have the energy to accomplish.

That's becasue today is worse than normal. I ate some french fries last night, adn my body did not like them. Then you sleep to long and there is no blood sugar left in your body, maby if I'm lucky I'll regain some energy by the end of the day and be able to do some of the Christmas sewing that I have put off for so long. (So long in fact, that it was suppose to be a birthday present for Ian weeks ago, and other stuff). Then I need to pack and ship items for Christmas and for business that I haven't had the energy for. So there- that's life today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Impressive kiddlet

Galen is an impressive kidlet- partially because we never know what he is graping or what is totally excaping his comprehension. So tonight, i was working on reading with him- and he wasn't doing to hot- so I pulled out pen and papper to emthisize some points. Then I used the word "star" and he went bananas trying to explain about starlab to me.

So he gave up trying in words and drew an incredably accurate picture of the diagram of the star labs I remembered from elementary school. He was so excited about constellations and pictures in the stars.

What is a five year doing with a map of star lab in his head, when he probably only visited it once?

an ornery response

Mike promised Ewan that we'd make cookies today. So, of course we did (only after Mike left for school) We made gingerbread men, and a bunch of other gingerbread shapes. The kids love cut out cookies.

Then I got an email that stated those under 30 are wimps because we had video games and cell phones, adn I wrote an ornery response stating that we were the first "abandoned generation." The first generation who grew up in daycares and with the life of being passed from parent to parent every weekend. Luckily, I didn't have that life myself, as my parents started thier own business and worked out of the home, and actualy stayed married. However, they were the only parents home in the neighborhood, and one of the few who stayed married.

In many ways I feel the email deffinetly cheated those under thirty as they forgot to remember that they were the ones who raised us or not raised us as the case may be. I mean, didn't you by your actions teach us that getting "stuff" was more important thatn raising your child- enough said (don't blame us for the life you gave us)

Anyways, I think I'll follow my parents example and be there for my kids, everyday when they get home from school. And take the time to read to them and bake cookies with them. And take the time to volenteer at school and at church and show them what it means to be a parent.

That way my grandkids will turn out well too :)

Dr. Suess

Dr Suess knew who to teach kids to read. Galen has been enjoying his books, and gets to learn new words there every day. Hop on Pop is one that he has been abale to read about 90% of. I'm proud of him and think that he is seeing the universe of written word open before his eyes.

Now, if only the schools understood the power of Suess.

Pup is up.

Pup in cup.
And of course he spends most of his time enjoying the illistrations that come with the words. It helps him learn that the words directly relate to the pictures and that reading is fun. Pretty soon he'll be reading those Dinosaur Encyclopedias with out me. (I can't wait- I'm so tired of reading encyclopedias to him).

Dr. Suess- I am proud to have you in our home.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Well, well, well

well, we did get the Christmas tree up. And it came lit. But the two garlands we had did not go far. So today at Target, I got a few wooden garlands with hearts and a box of foam gingerbread looking oriments for the kids to paint with glitter pens. They really enjoyed that. Ewie had glitter all over his pants. So now, about 1/2 of the tree is decorated, all of the garlands were strung one in one corner, and in the other is all 30 or so of the foam gingerbreads.

And I stopped at the local florsist and bought a Christmas Wreath that now adorns our door and a beautiful ivy, that needed me. The ivy will hang in my office.

so that is how Christmas is progressing at my house- but maby perhaps Christmas means a bit more.

Good Morning

My Tuesday Morning Routine is finally over! Yeah. That means that we got up, got dressed, fed the kids, got one on the bus, the other ready for preschool while I did all the sales processing and packing. Then I dropped him off at school, stopped at the floral shop in search of a christmas wreath, found a really nice ivy to hang, adn an adorable soft bear, that baby says she wants (as her Chrsitmas gift), and ordered a wreath.

Then I gassed the car, went to Target, picked up Lord of the Rings Return of the King collector's gift set (Mike and I agreed we'd give to eachother for Christmas), some soft and durable tree decorations, packaging tape, shoes, boots and food stuffs. Then I went to the bi/tri weekly drive to the post office. While there I realized that instead of just mailing out business stuff, I need to get around to mailing out the family gifts (the ones to Utah, in state gifts are going to have to come in person). Came home, unloaded the car, put the stuff away then had to go pick up Ewan at preschool. It's been a morning, so as soon as feed a few kids some "lunch" I can go take a nap!

Do you think ginger snaps and bananas qualify as lunch or so I have to micro some stew that will sit on the table all afternoon?

but before I can do that I got to go downstairs, change laundry and make sure that I have everything in stock for the most recent order (just came in while I was doing errands.)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Another Day, another cold hand

Well, the weather is finally cool enough for snow, but the question is will it snow? I think about 3 inches of snow would be about perfect- just enough to cover everything, and still be easy shoveling the driveway.

And I think my Schwan's man does his best to stop right before lunch. After ordering about 6 items, I realized I must be hungery, and forced myself to stop ordering before I reached the ice cream. Then, of course, after the Schwan's Man left, I realized that this is his last visit before Christmas, adn I didn't even think of that when I was ordering, but there is always the grocery store.

Well, today I cleaned the office/playroom, the hallway, Galen's bedroom and the kitchen, so tonight, as long as the floors are still navigatable we will decorate. And all my decorating will have to fulfill all of these requirments:
1. nonbreakable, or breakables out of reach (on the roof).
2. Easy to maintain
3. Cheep!- best if we already have it
4. doesn't attract mice or bugs- that means that popcorn or cranberry garland are out, along with cookie type oriments.

So does anybody have any good ideas? Think I could possibly get a unified theme going, or should I just hope for returning the majority of the items to thier boxes instead of to the trash?

I swear boys are always testing to see how much force it takes to break something- you know those rubber made commericals, where they test the products to make sure they'r einvensiable- well they've never tested them here- maby becasue they'd know that nothing would come out in one piece.

Oh well- as long as my sanity and children all come out in one peice I guess it won't matter in 50 years

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I think my Galen is actually learning to read. He does a good job, on the rare occasions when I have his complete attention.

My Ewan, on the other hand, seems to think that voicing his opinions might actaually h elp him get his own way. Somehow, I also expect that he will be my first kid to ask me "why" on all my rules too. Sometimes its hard to decide weather I should respect his ideas, or squash back any form of indepent thought while I have the chance. But because I think Ewan really wants and tries to be good, I'll probaly let him try his own thoughts and independance- maby.

Ian just loves his new toy, and it has been a breaze getting him to bed, as long as we take the toy too. Besides being fasinated with the little pop-up animals, I think he really likes the notion that something actually belongs to him, and he can defend his right to it.

Mikey is enjoying his new game. And I did have to remind him last night to do the dishes, but he concented with no argument.

This week is actually fairly empty on the calendar, maby that will give me time to clean, decorate and make some Christmas cookies (ya right) ok, how about time to sew Ian's dino and Daddy's presents? (keep dreaming) while if I'm dreaming, I might as well dream big. So how about time to wrap presents, take care of business, make tortillas, and clean the old office in preporation for painting and wall papering it to make it into the Boy's room, then move the boys down and paint thier room into the Nursery? for girls!

There, My dreams are big. Let's get at them- so first order of business, change laundry, take the give aways to the curb and tell Mikey it's movie time so I can start the butterfly appliques for the matching crib bumper.

Have a good night- and an excellent dream!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

I enjoy feeling lucky

and my sister inlaw's posts in the last 24 hours have done it. I'm so glad I'm not there right now. Cleaning up puke at 3am is not fun. I remember the first time Galen puked- he was about 1 year old. And he woke up crying, one step into the bedroom told my nose what was up, so I cleaned him up, and tucked him in bed with daddy while I attempted to clean his crib. 3 minutes latter the cry of "Mom" alerted me to the fact that he did it again (only this time in our bed, adn on daddy). By this time Galen was so wound up about it that it took a 1/2 hour cuddiling in front of the TV to calm him down.

Also, puking is one of the reasons there is no carpeting in the kiddos bedrooms. Hardfloors are so much eaiser to clean!

Good luck Amber, is it a stomach bug, or maby a food allergy?

On another note. Ian turned 2 tonight- actually he'll be two in about 1/2 hour. So we had cake, and had him open a present. However, with all the boys wanting to play with Ian's new toy, it didn't take long to prove that he is indeed 2 today, as the yells of "mine!" rang out repeatedly.

Happy birthday, happy boy- you have a way of charming the pants off your parents. In many respects it is very good we didn't have Ian first. We would have thought there was something wrong with the others. He must have tried 8 times to blow out his candles tonight. The first one went on the first puff- but the second one just didn't want to blow out.- Don't worry we got it on our camera!

Dear Santa,

We have had a busy, hectic, exciting and challanging year this year. If you wish to judge me, please remember that my house is still standing and my kids are still healthy and happy.

What I want most this year, I've already got (heathy, happy kids and a house that's still standing), because I couldn't leave something that important up to you. No offence Santa, but things that mean this much have to be acted upon personally.

However Santa, there are a few little items that might make life a little more pleasent here. Like some Aura Caci bath salts, hopefuly I could find five minutes of peace in which to use them.

Or even a CD boom box, to add music to our home, as the ones Mike and I each had when we were married didn't last quite this long. Actually, to be precise, we are still using Mike's as our TV sound system, but the cd part of it broke last year when someone tried to open it with a screw driver. And normally I could use the computer's, but my sound card died after 200 hours of That in it's self was almost a miracle.

Also, a shoe rack would be a pleasent addition to the front entry, but please make sure it is built to handle the hanging on that the the tots will give it (which is how we lost the last one). It would be nice to try to teach the children that the shoes actually have a place to belong, when they are not on your feet. I am hoping to get this concept through to them before we have 6 pairs of ocean liners hogging our living room floor, for I do not want to have to mountain climb just to get in to the kitchen.

I would continue the letter to help you find the right gift for me, but right now I want a good night's sleep, adn if I don't go to bed now, I am not going to get it, because my healthy, happy children will be up by 8am.

So have a wonderful Christmas Santa, and if I don't get around to leaving milk and cookies out for you, feel free to snoop in our fridge.

With love and understanding how busy this time of year is for you,
Round Belly

2nd trimester, here we come

Well, after taking a nap this morning and afternoon, I actually had enough energy to make dinner, pick up some of the livingroom, change laundry, and start on the matching crib bumper for my girls.

Add to that the ever present hunger, and I either sound like my sister (on high doses of medical steriods, after a kidney transplant) or I'm actually moving into the 2nd trimester, and the baby's placenta has kicked in to do a little bit of the work for me.

ANd yes, like Amy, I am peeing every hour or so. I really might be able to tollerate having enough energy to handle my house and family again. Especially in time for Christmas! I might even get around to offical Christmas Cookies, adn decorating, maby mailing the gifts out in time to get to our family in Utah before Christmas.

Of course, if I dream too big, I'll give up on the whole concept and go to bed instead- so maby I'll just focus on preparing for my baby's birthday tomarrow. I can't believe my youngest is turning 2, already- but I'd rather he did then stay 1.

Happy birthday Ian, may mommy have the energy to bake you a cake!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Ever notice?

That when you stub you toe, adn take off your sock, that you expect to see a big bloody stump, and are suprised to find out that it's only slightly reddened?

However, that still doesn't convince you that something isn't broken in there somewhere?

I guess the true test really comes by how well you walk on it tomarrow- And if you don't even remember that you stubbed your toe, that it probaly classifies as "not broken."

You know your kids aren't on the typical American Diet

When they think a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses is candy.

When little mounds of whole wheat flour, mixed with blackstrap molasses are called "cookies", and gobbled down just as fast.

When a carrot is accepeted as snack food, and homemade bean soup is "yummy."

However there is something exceedingly divine about fresh warm gingersnaps.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I was about to offer my husband for sale too . . .

but then he redeemed himself.

Let's start this story at the begaining: It was noon and the family was eating lunch. Mike got into nearly the same position he asked me to marry him in. And asked if he could use the credit card to enroll in the online part of his new "Warcraft Game." He assured me that no actual charges would go on the card- as they would bill him later on a special prepaid game card.

I thought about it. Positive side: it would make him happy, and keep him out of my hair. Negative side: when he's playing his game, he is oblivious to our world. SO I made him a deal. "Ok, you may use the credit card for this, if you help me with the dishes every night." Mike consented, realizing that this a tactic he uses with Galen.

So then at 6:30 ( I have class at 7 on Thursdays) I tried to get his attention, but the only way to do it when he has his head phones on is to throw something at him, and I just didn't feel like doing that. So I got the kids ready for bed, brushed, pj-ed and prayered, then tried to grab his attention once more before I walked out of the house.

2 hours later, I come home. Mike feels to door slamming shut and yells out, over the kids, who are still awake. "Did you leave? I didn't know you were gone!" The house of course, looks like the kids had it to themselves adn thier play for a few too many hours. Then I had to work to get Mike to help me put the kids to bed. Which, as soon as he was away from his game, he worked hard and without complaint, the kids got put in thier beds, 2 hours late!

Before we got the kids down Mike and I had a little discussion over the lack of communication his headphones cause. He blames it on the kids, because they are so loud that with out the headphones he can't hear his game.

Then Mike redeemed himself. After we got the kids down, he actually went into the kitchen and started doing dishes, with out me asking, reminding or anything. which , of course is such a nice pleasent suprise to actually have help with the housework, that I had to try hard not to gawk. I was able to spend that time gathering the trash and wiping the table.

Sometimes, the guy you married might actually turn out to be a man after all.

3 kids going cheap!

And if you promise to keep them until they learn to speak quietly, sit up straight, adn eat all thier dinner without complaining then I'll even throw in free shipping.

And of course, today Galen is going with free shipping, even if you only want to keep him an hour. But if you give him anything to eat that is not fresh and organic. ( like the candy and frosting on gingerbread houses) then you need to keep him forever.

Or you could just find some way to knock the kids out all night, or speed up time so it's bedtime already. And then come in and do the dishes, change the laundry, take out the trash and pick up the livings room, I'll accept that too.

A note on yesterday's pancakes . . .

Well, as you know we had extra pancakes from breakfast that I put in the fridge. And I hate being bothered while I'm paying bills or budgeting., so after feasting on the gingerbread house that Galen's teacher sent home yesterday (so far this is the only grudge I have against her), even against my best pleading that he keeps it in one piece to show off to Daddy. The kids were begging for lunch, and didn't want to wait until I figured out how to cover those Christmas expenses.

So they opened the fridge and I agreeded they could have some pancakes. While Each kid took the whole plate (each with ab out 20 pancakes each) out of the fridge adn poured the rest of the container of applesauce on top of them.

I was so mad when I found out, and started yelling at them about trying to eat a whole stack of pancakes. So I salvaged what I could, but the kids didn't seem to hungery- a ranting raving mother is probably not good seasoning.

They're either crazy or stupid and some days I'm not sure which. But one would think that if a child could fix himself the leftover pancakes then he could at least get his own plate and put some on it?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

thank you Mother, for a nice dinner

Thank You for a wonderful, filling and noursing dinner. It is always nice to get out of the house and almost hold a conversation with an adult or two. Now, i guess it is time to start a load of laundry, a load of dishes, and pj some kiddos. My body is saying it's time to relax- do you think I can get my kids to agree?

Love you
Round Belly

Actually. i think my brain is floating about a mile above my head

Today I helped Galen's class make graham cracker gingerbread houses. I was impressed. Those 5 year olds really didn't need much help. Galen was the first to complete the construction on his house adn I didn't need to help him at all (though he is always proud to have his mom in call with him). Then he did an awsome job of decorating.

Overall I was impressed. The boys constructed faster and better then the girls, but the girls had a rhyme and reason to thier decorating. In fact they did such a good job that I contemplated doing one at home with my kids.

Other than feeling light headed, and wondering why the kids weren't hungery today. I made my usual pancakes this morning and there are 2 stacks in the fridge. Usually there are none left!

Oh well-

A note or two for my Amber Lady:
I have found that when ever I am getting very pissy at Mike that it usually is something indictive to the fact that he is a man- and men just think ( or not think) thay way. Then I wish for a moment that he was a girl, then I realise if he was a girl, then I wouldn't have married him, orhave g reat sex with him.

Also Amber, the sex drive will diminish slightly as he ages. Like now with Mike 32, when I 'm fertile, then I'm on the prowl and Mike doesn't have a chance!

And a note on Christmas gifts: I thought that the shopping for someone else was a good experince for my kiddos- so if you really don't want the toys for your kids, you may pass them on to toys for tots- meanwhile my kids have to learn about it- so they did.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Did you ever realize?

That sky scrappers are just the phallic symbols of the city?

That if you're too tired to make dinner, that you are most likly too tired to go out and pick some up?

That when you are older you start idenitifing with the grinch that stole Christmas, rather than the whos?

However, you still melt at the innocents at little Cindy Lou Who?

Any Idea what to make for dinner?

and don't say Domino's pizza- it is tuesday, but I want something with food value.

Pregnancy Brained

My brain has been flushed down my throught and is now residing with my pelvis, and somehow it just doesn't seem to work as well away from home.

For example: today I packed adn shipped 7 orders, but on one of the orders I could only find the pants, where are the sweat shirts? So I called my manufactor to see if they still had them there. But, no they were shipped here in July! So now that the packages have been sent, I go back downstairs and find that they were put neatly on the shelf, adn was hiding behind a bag of fabric.

We never seem to have short days here. This morning was up and at them at 7am to ship orders, and then I had to spend the morning at Ewan's preschool for "mom's Day", then with Ewan still in the car I went to the post office, grocery shopping (with a bunch of business calls, which seems to work well the store was quieter then my house ever is). Then home for lunch, nap and more business.

I just wish I still had my brain. Life was easier when i could remember things like backpacks, lunch money and when to bring the check in to pay the preschool.

Monday, December 06, 2004

It'a 10 Am- and I'm already beat

Can you belive it is only 10 am, and I just started my morning, get my kids, up dressed, bussed and then took care of shipping, and some online christmas shopping then cleaned the kitcken. Then i sat down for a minute to comtemplate what to do next and I can't think or even move.

I wanted to clean the entry adn organize our shoes, or chnage the laundry and try to find the dress clothes we were so desperately hunting for yesterday morning, but I'm going to have to go lay down- expecially since Mike has school all afternoon adn I won't be able to lay down then- have a day?

Sunday, December 05, 2004

That was too Easy

The one thing my son wants more than anything else for Christmas is a Star Wars Episode 2 master battle droid. He talks about it nonstop and behaves perfectly for the chance to play with Daddy's. The problem is: it was not the Star Wars movie year, and so the stores do not have any available.

So when I realizes just how wide eyed and excited he'd be Christmas morning- I hopped on Ebay and 2 minutes had bought the very battle droid he wants for $12, about 1/2 the store's price (that includes shipping). It is new in the box. We are going to have to make sure we have the video camera going when he's opening his present. (each kid this year is getting only 1 toy from thier parents)

Now, if only I could find something that special for Ewan and Ian.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I'm Excited!

I finally found a local store that will do my flooring! That means that we will be measured and our floors will be put in at last. This is a project we started last speing, but it ended when the pregnancy did. So now our entry way will be complete, then next spring our upstairs will be painted (finshed painted, repainted) and floored- and don;t forget the shelves!

We found some really nice wood laminate for the upstairs adn some kind of basic, nondescript laminate for the entery. Then, as soon as the floor in the entry is in, we will find a good rug to collect the sand, salt and snow that comes in and a good shoe shelf.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Dilemas Solved

hi Y'all- you know I always do a lot of thinking while I'm cleaning and I think I've solved 2 problems tonight.

First problem: how to pay for the hospital bills for the birth of the kid?

Second Problem: ok, I know this sounds weird, but at the last birth we had at least 5 family members there to witness the birth and make bad jokes the whole labor through (now you know why I push my kids out after only 3 hours of labor, no matter how dialated I am or not) And last weekend when I was visting my Mom she was telling me how nice that was, and how much she would like to do it again, and this year my grandparents would also be around- and I thought "wow, that's going to be some crowded room, how do we keep this at all private?"

Anyways, tonight I realised, why keep it private. A birth is the most miraclous event many people ever witness. They are excited and uplifted by it for years to come- it gives them a great natural high. So anyways, I figured like many other rare lifetime events that selling tickets is the way to go. That would not only solve the problem of limited space, but also of the finacial expense of putting such a show on.

So I figure because the seating is limited that I would charge higher for those who get the 3 Chairs, and an amazing rate for the one who buys the ticket to hold the baby first. So here is my proposed pricing structure:

1 ticket at $1500. to the first who wants to hold the baby. This ticket also includes the most comfortable chair.
3 tickets at $800 for the other chairs.
4 tickets for standing room only at $250 each.

tickets do not include any meals or incedental expenses.

Do you think I can get my midwife to buy a ticket? or is she a member of the production?

Pregnancy = Exhaustion

Did I ever explain that every hour or two I feel completely exhausted? It's like my body is personally providing the energy for a huge construction project that doesn't stop 24 hours/ 7 days/ for 40 weeks. I know it's not anemia, because my hemoglobin is sitting nice and strong at 13.8.

Anyways, I'm too tired to think about anything else to say and got to run off to a chiro appointment.- H ave a great day!

On Line Christmas Shopping

The Best online store for Christmas gifts I have found is It seems to cater to people like me. It's a store that has a lot of organic clothing, blankets and toys for babies, children and Mothers. They have wonderful maternity selection, and personalized customer service.

My Children love the organic socks, and Galen's so cute trying to pronounce that word. He knows mommy holds it of importance. And I ordered the veggie toys- I had to lock them away so I could stuff them in thier stockings later this month. It is so cute watching my kids play with stuffed vegitables. Last year my mom gave all her grandkids the kid's pj's. My children are still wearing them, and seem to prefer them over the conventional ones.

I just wish I could afford those blankets for ever bed in the house. Nice, nice, nice.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Brownies in the Oven

Is all I think about food? Well, I am feeding more then just me, and when I am feeding just me, I think about food a fair amount too. I'm an avid cookbook reader (know all the techniques), and my senior college project was a family cookbook contrasting my husband's family of foodways against my Minnesotan family of foodways.

However, when you have a household of growing boys, you soon find out that if you don't think about food enough, that you will spend a lot more money on a lot of fast food, and that just doesn't sit well with my organic and natural approach to eating and living (and tight budget).

My theroy is life is great until you run out pancake or brownie making supplies- but thanks to my parents moving and giving me a lot of thier food storage I can make pancakes forever. Now, if only I had enough natural peanut butter and organic apple sauce to top them forever.

To be true to the form I've established, I should probably give you my brownie or pancake recipie- but I'll make you ask for it first :)

Good Idea, Thanks Mike

This morning Ian was playing with my bread maker, and Mike walked in and said Ian had a good idea- to make bread. Nobody complains when there is fresh and hot bread to smear peanut butter on- the perfect after nap snack and before dinner munchie.

100% honey wheat bread

13oz hot tap water
1 tsp salt
2 tbs honey
4 cups whole wheat flour
1 tbs yeast

try it, you may like it :)

Nap Time

The car is safe with in the garage. I worked all summer on clearing that garage, then used it as a wood shop, then just this week as it started frosting every morning, cleared that out so I could squeeze our little mini van in. So no more scrapping to car to get Ewan to preschool in the mornings- and teletubbies is on so it must be nap time- and I am getting one today because Mike is home. And he can ignore the children while I sleep.

have a wonderful nap!

It's Beganing to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It started snowing with huge fluffy flakes about 10 minutes ago. Then they came heavy. I told Mike "It makes me want to put up Christmas Lights."

"Go ahead." he said

"I don't want to." (to much work)

"You're pregnant." he replied

"But if somebody else could do it . . . "

God is in Heaven

My husband got tired of the alarm clock speaking spanish to him and reset the alarm to a contempary Christian station. I have always had some distain for the typical contempary Christian Culture and this morning I figured out why. They don't really seem to believe the God is in Heaven and that He reigneth. They also seem to have a hard time understaning that God loves ALL His children. And that everything except our agency to choose good or evil is in His hands and He orchestrates it all for our ultimate benifit and learning. But then again how can you hold that perspective if you vote for president based on 1 issue?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dinner Recipie

Whole Wheat Pizzas
Start whole wheat pizza dough in breadmaker. When it dings, take it out, divide in 2 and roll across 2 cookie sheets. Please grease the sheets! Open 1 can of tomato sauce. Spread between the 2 crusts. Shake a whole lot of garlic powder and italian seasonings on it. Now add toppings: one can of pineapple, one sliced tomato (partically eaten), 1/2 an extra large onion, one can of mushrooms, some stray pepperonies from the back of the freezer and sprinkle on cheeze. Bake at 350 for 1/2 hour (or until you give up adn serve it anyways).

Winter Fruit Salad
open and drain the following:
1 can pinapple chunks
1 can pears
1 can apricots
mix in a bowl

Most commenly heard phrase while making dinner on Mondays and Wensdays (Mike doesn't get ome until almost 7 on these days) "Leave me alone, or I'll lock you in your room until daddy gets home."

Stupid Questions

Stupid questions, every mother should Know better than asking:

1. Are you stinky again?
2. Are you trying to get on my nerves?
3. Do you want a spanking?
4. Do you understand the word "no"?

Also when a mother is changing laundry, it should be illgeal to bother her. She should be able to sit there folding or chnaging the laundry for as long as she wants, in the quiet noises of the washer and dryer and maby enjoy a moment to savor a chocolate bar or a bowl of icecream- and kids should not be allowed to enter, non the less talk to her during that time. After all, we mothers already lost the war on having bathroom time, so at least can we get laundry time?
There is only one child I know who eats tomatos like apples and he's at it again with our last ripe tomato. Good thing I have no more salads planned for the duration of this pay period.- fresh food always goes so fast.

Also I'm changing the time to reflect what time I think it is.- no more writtng blogs at 6am.

It's my nap time

but, I'm up writting a blog, why?

because I thought if I left 1 child up, he could play quietly and be ready to sleep eairlier. but of course, he though he was bored adn opened his brothers' room. So now there are 3. And when little bit got his nose scratched (I still don't know how) I had to respond. I begain by trying to put him to bed, but that ended in stinking fustration.

His diaper leaked, all over me as I was carring him. So he's in the bath again. And I had to change my shirt. But little bit needs a nap becaue he's fussy. Can I sell you the not so little bits, for a few hours?

A dog's best friend

Who ever said "man" must not have lived here. My toddle (yes, he's dressed now) is scraping the chili out of his lunch bowl and letting the dog lick his fingers. Ian has just recently learned how to feed the dog, but the two have such a harmonious relationship it is hard to break it up.

It's a dog's Life

My dog has a really tough life. He lies on his pillow under the table with his food and water bowls right next to him and rolls over laziely on his pillow when I mop around him and rolls back the other way when I wipe off the table. It must be hard being a dog.

Now my breakfast dishes are done and dinner is started. My my toddler is freshly bathed and runing around the house in just his diaper- Someday I'll get away from this computer and go find him some clothes to wear.

But now, I'm going to share a few things first. Septemeber must have been a good month this year. I now know 4 women who are expecting at the mid to end of June. And my husband asked me why I was wearing my winter boots today. "I don't have to tie them." I said "I'll have the same excuse in June too."
However, I think he's hoping I'll change to sandels by then.

Pregnacy perks

well, i was thinking that was wan't feeling too pregant the last few days and begun to wonder if I still was (I lost the last baby at 16 weeks, but didn't know until the ultrasound at 20)

So about 5 minutes after thinking that nausea hit like a ton of bricks. And my sence of smell makes everything smell nausiating. yuck! I didn't even want breakfast, opening the garbage is dangerous, and just the smell of stale air from a house that has been heated for a week stinks.

And of course the other pregnant perk is back . . SORE HIPS the changes in the hips and back are at this time painful- it has been so a fair bit int his pregnancy like the muscles are rebelling at the thought of the hips preparing to carry a child. So I'm going to go take a hot shower in hopes of easing this pain before I run off and help with math groups at Galen's school.