Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 5 Things not to tell your Financal Advisors

5. That you want to add more children to your household, 6 is just not enough.

4. That you are investing in the future- that's why you gave up on birth control.

3. That the $40,000 college education is only an investment if it pays dividends and that the last person you knew who had that degree works as your sister's nanny.

2. That you don't even know what's inside the box they live in, but luckily your husband does.

1. That none of your real dreams can be realized under the current monetary paradigms, but you still have hope because you believe that the paradigms are changing.

Needless to say, I think they believe my reality check bounced.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FHE idea

By Pre Monson:
May I offer to you tonight six road signs which, when observed and followed, will guide you to safety. They are:

1. Choose good friends. Friends help to determine your future. You will tend to be like them and to be found where they choose to go. Remember, the path we follow in this life leads to the path we follow in the next.
2. Seek parental guidance. Your mother, your father, your family all love you and pray for your eternal happiness. Fathers, be an example to your sons. Show them the way to go. Walk with them in righteousness and faith.
3. Study the gospel. Develop a yearning to know the Lord, to understand His commandments and to follow Him. Then shadows of despair are dispelled by rays of hope, sorrow yields to joy, and the feeling of being lost in the crowd of life vanishes with the certain knowledge that our Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us.
4. Obey the commandments. Make up your mind to serve God. Learn His word and follow it. President George Albert Smith, the eighth President of the Church, counseled: “Stay on the Lord’s side of the line.”
5. Serve with love. Jesus was the epitome of service. It was said of Him that He “went about doing good.” Do we do likewise? Our opportunities are many, but some are perishable and fleeting. Brethren, what supernal joy you feel when someone recalls counsel you gave, an example you lived, a truth you taught, the influence you had in prompting another to do good.
6. Pray with purpose. Prayer is the provider of spiritual strength. Prayer is the passport to peace. Should we find ourselves in harm’s way, our power line is unbroken and undamaged—even to God, our Heavenly Father. He will help us if we will but give Him in our lives an opportunity to do so.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

How could I miss a holiday like that? I mean it was yesterday and I did nothing about it until tonight. Of course that is probably because by the time I found out it was national chocolate chip cookie day, I had already made my avocado chocolate cake/brownies.

So here is my  repentance and husband let me make it up to him.....adapted from a recipe called "Better then Sex chocolate chip cookies." Now of course, we will have to prove which one is better ; p

One good cookie deserves another.

A Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie- and nobody will argue that it deserves to be called a cookie.

3/4 cup vegan butter
2 mashed bananas
1 c sugar (gasp, I used real sugar)
1/2 cup black strap molasses
2 tsp vanilla
1 Tbs cinnamon
shakes of ginger, nutmeg and allspice
2 shakes of salt

then add:
2 tsp baking soda

then add:
4 cups freshly ground whole wheat flour

now add:
1 cup broken walnuts
1 cup vegan chocolate chips

Drop/ roll into balls. Place on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 10-12 min.

I like to leave them soft.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mohter's Day

"There is seemingly no end to our expansive capacity to love."- Paul E Koelliker

In a single sentence I think that covers mother's day.

May you have a loving Mother's Day too.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How to Handle Challanging behavior in children

A new Approach-

There are just two simple rules, says Turner.

Rule No. 1: Take nothing a raging kid says personally. Really. Act like a duck: let the words roll off your back like drops of water.

Rule No. 2: Don’t mirror the kid’s behavior. Take a deep breath. Wait for the storm to pass, and then ask something along the lines of: “Are you okay? Did something happen to you that’s bothering you? Do you want to talk about it?”

It’s not that a kid gets off the hook for bad behavior. “There have to be consequences,” explains Turner. Replace punishment, which doesn’t work, with a system to give kids tools so that they can learn how to recognize their reaction to stress and to control it. “We need to teach the kids how to do something differently if we want to see a different response.