Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Home School on a Snowy Day

A collection of Poems by the students of life.

Galen hanging Snowflakes to mimmic effects
Of God and Nature.

Ewan coloring his "snow flags" orange and blue.

Ian crumbling snowflakes to make a snow ball.

Lots and lots a white paper flakes piled on the floor.

by the group

Falling Down
Falling Down
To the ground.

Falling Down
on the ground.
It is white.

A poem by Galen

Gently falling to the ground
landed on the ground forever.

A poem by Ewan

Technicolor snowflake
orange and blue
Falling down in the sunset.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday night

Well it is monday night, after an increadbly full ( but fun) weekend. Weekends that last that long should with never end, or come with a warning sticker about how shocking getting back to life will be on Monday.

Let's see today I home schooled my child, paid bills for personal and business, fielded customer service questions, stayed on top of laundry, kept my baby fed and entertained and now I have to prepare for tonight's activites of Dinner, FHE, bedtime for kiddlets and homework. And perhaps if I have the time I will finish sewing up the special order gloves for a customer, adn then proceeded to a winter bunting for the little one (who is to big for any store bought baby bunting).

Ok- my mind is fried and I can't think of anything worth blogging- so I will get back to it later.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Economic issues

this artticle touches on several issues set to pull down the economy of our dear country

It's an article on the lay offs GM has announced and breifly touches on why.
However it is interesting to think of it in terms of national issues instead of just GM issues

1. sales reversed for line up, many standard American products feel that pinch, becasue no longer offer the hippest newest, or best engineered products out there. We know that, but we don't care becasue the Chinise stuff is also cheaper.

2. Burden of paying pentions and healthcare for retirees. OUCH!, as an employeer myself I couldn't even begain to offer pentions or healthcare for those who can not work for me longer. As a member of Gen X, I can barley fathom anyone planning to live on a pension instead of personal savings for retirment.

3. High costs of unionized workers.

Basicly there are some major ecomonic problems ahead for us. Mostly the system of paying retiries not to work is not going to work. There too many of them and too few workers. Sorry retiriees, as a young middle class worker, I could use every scrap of my income to by peanut butter and bananas for my kid's lunch instead of helping you play golf. And if you have enough energy to play golf then you could be doing something usefull adn earning your own living (still).

And another I still don't get about middle class america is how come us family people have to have 2 people in the work force, be parents and still be paying your retirment? IF we are paying you to retire shouldn't you be raising our kids? At least that way the kids have an adult around and we have money for peanut butter.

So if we put the retired people to work, the other major concern is health care? Does anybody have a good health care plan before it eats us all for dinner?

Monday, November 21, 2005

home school revealith

I am begaining to think a mistake has been made. After working with Galen I have seen sloppy work, undone work and all manors of mistakes. Not because he can't do it, but because A) I've done it before, know it and don't want to do it again adn B) It's not what I wanted to do- so I did my own thing instead or C) What if we changed x?

I have also begun to see him setting us for getting the results he desires. I am not sure how far in advance he has been setting us up, but days or weeks in advance would not be out of the question.

Now he almost makes me afraid ( and eager) for the day he can freely read anything he looks at.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

home school goals and this year plan

Home School Goals
By Raya Newbold
Last modified: Nov 2005

1. To create Self Directed learners. Who
a. Can read by themselves and can analyze what they have read for its merits and shortcomings.
b. Know how and where to find information.
c. Thirst after information and knowledge.
d. Can put new knowledge to use.

2. To create “whole” people. Who
a. Know right from wrong.
b. Want to and consistently behave kindly.
c. Show respect for and enjoy:
i. Individual people
ii. Mother Earth
iii. Our Creator, and Savior
iv. Ourselves

3. Create a good self regenerating family unit. Including an understanding and practical application of :
a. How to function in a family.
b. How to do daily family chores with happiness.
c. How a family functions in relation to larger societies. Specifically:
i. Government and it’s programs
ii. Religion
iii. Economy at local, national and world levels.

Galen’s Goals/Curriculum for the 2005/2006 school year.

-Be able to understand most self read texts.
-Have a desire to read.
All available text in all applications.
Evaluation Procedures:
Have him read 2 books of choice out loud.

-Write one full page of self directed prose.
-Learn how to accurately describe items in writing.
-Learn to use generally accepted writing practices; periods, spacing, capitalization and paragraphs.
-Write simple thank you notes and emails.
Paper, pen, computer, colors and mom.
By looking at samples of his work.

-Explain what is happening in stories with some introspection as to why.
We will be reading literature as mother chooses, including but not limited to:
1. Scriptures
2. fairy tales
3. Cook Books
4. Dr. Seuss
5. Charlotte’s web
6. Charley and the chocolate factory
7. Native American lore
8. Proclamation on the family
Have him write about a specific story.

Fine Arts:

Exposure to classical music, dance, 2d art, sculpture, theater and film.
Hands on experience in music (specifically with rhythm instruments), 2d art and sculpture.
Local theater, art galleries, internet, library, classical music cds, paper, play dough, salt clay, modeling clay, and rhythm instruments.
Have him write about a specific experience.

-understand money values of coins and dollars.
-understand how to purchase items with money.
-understand some basics of money budgeting.
-Be able to tell the days of the week, the months and years.
-Be able to point out today on a calendar and find out what things will be happening.
-Tell time on a clock, and look forward to events scheduled at certain times.
-be able to create a simple schedule.-understand basic number theory of tens, hundreds and thousands.
-addition and subtraction of single and double digit numbers.
-introduction to fractions, multiplying and dividing. (in real world applications)
Clocks, watches, cash, coins and monopoly money, paper, pencils and measuring cups.
Classic math tests. One per unit.

Learn about the world around him.
-learn 5 animal life cycles and food chains.
-learn about solar system
-introduction to the basic laws of physics as described by Newton.
The internet, books at library, ball set, paper, pencils.
One self written book on each animal studied. Be able to name the planets of the solar system. And a description gravity in his own words.

Study of the Americas from ancient times to about 1800ad, focusing on the creation of government, under God, for the people and by the people.
Keepers of the Earth, Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children.
The Learning Companion Volume 3
Founding Brothers, a History Channel DVD on the creation of the union
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States of America and the bill of rights
The book of Mormon
First Peoples: A Documentary Survey of American Indian History. by Colin G. Calloway
Writing of the pupil from each time period studied.

-to see that we are part of the world and the lines on the map are political.
-To become familiar with world and national geography.
Globe, maps, and trips to “lines” of states and nations.
Naming of 5 different states and nations and be able to locate them on the map.

Government:-see history

Form some basis for basic healthy living and eating. Including:
a. nutrition
b. meal planning
c. how to select good food
d. Importance of hygiene and hand washing.
The Joy of Cooking
Eat and be Lean
Mother’s experience
Evaluation: plan a day’s menu and shop for it.

Physical Education:
To participate in daily physical activities made to calm the body and focus the mind.
Classes at Lees Champion Taekwondo Academy
Daily Yoga Sessions


times is distinic illusion we live in. At least it is an illussion that is not all are own. some illusions we got to share.

Friday, November 18, 2005

strangly, we had no fear. Acient herbal knowledge also played a role as did wise preperations. However, the attack was unexpected and very nasty.


As much as a pacifist I'd like to be, I had a "too real" dream last night that prooved that I would pick up arms in defence of my family and home, religion and freedom. Also in the dream the power of prayer, and personal purity outshown anything I could ever do with a weapon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

homeschooling Day 4

We skipped out of life last Friday (sinus issues made us not want to wake in time for the AM activities of school buses and the like), and I offically declared homeschooling for the day. Friday was a sucess and then Saturday and Sunday turned into homeschooling days. Sunday we involved the kids in all the cleaning and winterizing that went on.

And today the alarm was turned off when it was supposed to snooze. So we had another homeschooling day. It was great. We studied scriptures, did science experiements, lots of counting and math, reading, writting, played chess and checkers. And my kids turned out to be pleasent people, when they don't have the stress of school. (and my house stayed clean) Their attention span increased drastically. Could school be causing short attention spans? And Galen is so much happier not having to deal with the mass teasing he gets in school for his autism and vision issues. And- this is deffinetly a major selling point- when they are homeschooled they fight less with me, mike, each other and they fight things like bedtime, chores and listening to parents a lot less too.

My little angels are actually showing respect to me and Mike. I could get hooked on actually raising my kids instead of letting institutions do it for me. So I will call and offically registar them for homeschool. Kids can be nice to have around. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sorry that it has been so long before writting. I have been dealing with sinus and Galen issues. On entises thoughts and actions the other one delays all abilities for thoughts and actions, especially when you throw in a baby with a cold. :)

Maby, I'll get me head clear some day- and if not. Oh well some happiest people don't try too hard to think.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The economies of Zion

To make it so there is no poor among you is not about hand outs or tax breaks, it's about fairly employing people, and the people being employable. First of all the poor need the education to be offered a good job. Then the job has to pay fairly, so they can afford to take care of thier family. Secondly, they got to be hard working and ethical. On the other hand the business owners and management can not get rich while thier workers struggle to make ends meet.

Also we need to respect all jobs, even those that don't usualy pay finacially (like motherhood), and concider how they contribute to society. Most of us can work many years of our life. When we can't work because of illness or the like, then we can be supported by family and others.

Another key is to stop seeking after stuff. 3rd cars, boats, large TV's, we have to realise that these are unneeded and accept that as we set up our economies. I don't know at what point our "Standerd of living" will have to change to affect this. But I for one know that many of things that are truely immportant are only made manifest when we clear out the junk.

homeschooling thoughts

To bring about a Zion society, we must educate our children to that end now. We must educate them in truth and light, we must educate them that all people are special (is that ironic?). And we must educate them on how to live, how to share, how to love. How to plan economically, socially and realisticlly to we can reach a state where there is no poor among us.

And in so teaching our children, we will find that we are teaching and refining ourselves to that same end.

That is the answer to the question I have been asking for a month. How do we bring about Zion?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

butternut lasagna

Cook a butternut squash and mash it with the following:
sliced red bell pepper
chopped onion

cook the whole wheat lazagna noodles, grease the pan. Put down a layer of noodles, a layer of butternut squash, and a layer of swiss cheese. repeat layers ending with cheese. bake 350 degrees until throughly warmed. (about 1/2 hour)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Doing Nothing

When I hear the chorus of little boys sing out "nothing" to the answer of "What are you doing?"It's the mother in me I know that just can't trust it.

It must be because nothing means "nothing I want you to know about" or "nothing I want you to see."

They told me that today while drinking all of my apple juice concentrate. Well, there goes our cookies for the week.
I could have killed that kid for scaring me half to death.

My autistic 6 year old asked to go potty at about 10:30, so we let him out of his bedroom adn then he disapeared. Compleatly adn quietly. We search the whole house. We search up, down in, over through, under in all of his favorite hiding spots. We checked the doors. The front door was still locked but the back door was unlocked. Did he escape? Was he so upset that we didn't let him watch star wars that he ran? Is he outside, lost in the dark? Do we call in help to find him?

His glasses and shoes are still here. So we search the house again, calling him aloud )hoping we don't wake the others). I start searching in places where I don't think he would fit. but gotta check. While going through a pile of clothes I finally heard a giggling "I am here".

So I opened the suitcase. No Galen. "Where are you?" he hid behind my long dress in the closet.

This kid has never been so quiet for so long in his life. How did he manage to do it tonight?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Watched a movie I love

It is Ground Hog's Day with Bill Murry. I just love how he has to change his outlook and reason for being before he can get anywhere. Helps me to remember how I should try to be everyday (and not just on the days that repeat themselves).

To be a people person because I love and believe in the individuals. The more people I actually get to know the better opinion I have of people in general. Behind every mask of dyed hair and makeup might a women who actually is trying hard to discover herself. (and not jsut a floosy as I would quickly classify them as). It is true that our outter appearances tell alot about us, but very seldom do they tell the whole story and it is the whole story that creates the real people.

I think it would be fun to either write a book detailing the inner lives of the every people you meet on the street or have a TV series (preferably PBS) that would do that for us. Maby then we can stop seeing people as a mass entity and see them for the precious individuals that are deserving of our time and love.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Baby Business

My Baby is 2 years old (and according to paperwork will be 3 in January). And I realized that it is starting to toddle. I guess it must have guestated for a long while, probablly a little longer then the average human, but to grow something big like and elephant guestation always seems to last longer.

The business is learning to stand on it's own and starting to pay it's own bills. It has also learning how to communicate. But like any toddler it's vocabulary will increase fast. ANd it will learn many new things every day.

It's always fun to watch your baby learn new things. As long as I don't have to let go too soon :)