Friday, February 08, 2013

Conversation hearts for married couples

Sweet candy saying for the love of your life.... of course because we love each other so much our hearts would have to be big enough to communicate properly.

Let's put the kids 2 bed early tonight

yeah, I'm 2 tired 2

maybe in the morning

4 U I'd make something besides chicken nuggets

I'm doing dishes 2 turn U on

Do you have a mint?

A back rub would B nice

quick, lock the doors

hold that thought

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pregnancy Bucket List?

This will probably be my last pregnancy, although one doesn't know for sure until it is too late to have one, and as a result of spending 74 months of my last 15 years pregnant, I have kinda  taken it for granted. I have always gotten pregnant before I every thought "gee, we should work on getting pregnant."

But this time it's a little different. I am a little older. The pregnancy is a little tougher. I have other things I am preparing to do in my life then birth babies (like help other people birth babies). This could very well be our last and I have never taken the time to celebrate the miracle that pregnancy and birth is. I have never taken the time to honor the process or make memories or mementos of it.

I think maybe this time I will.

I would like to do some belly picture, maybe a belly cast....
maybe we will do little cutsie baby photos- I've always enjoyed Anne Gedde's work.

I would like to birth at home again. Just me and baby and family.