Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flying at Half Mast

How AM I today? Flying at half mast. My head is flying, but it is not a free flight- feels like there is a little sinus stuff going on. My sales have been very slow for this time of year. I kinda feel like the populous is waiting for increadable deals, but I have none to offer. And my mantra is "I am there when you need me." not "BUY, BUY. BUY NOW!" So I think my little voice got drowned out in the purchasing crazies of after thanksgiving shopping.

But that is ok. I did send out emails and have tips on my site on how to make your holiday green. And not going crazy with purchasing is one of them- it also helps to green your wallet. I also know that when the New Years comes around there will be alot of people out there who will make new year resolutions about being green or healthy and will turn to organics then. And these people make much better customers then do those who go crazy buying gifts.

Ian has been a little more then normal too lately. He has decided to act rather then complain all the time. This does cut down on the whining, but increases the trouble. For example: he wanted to play with Clay the other day. Clay was in his playpen. So Ian finds a scissor and cuts the sides out of the playpen.

We also tried to lock him upstairs with Daddy while I was gone so he couldn't make a mess of my kitchen. That didn't work. Ian decided to go through the garage and around to another door in the house. It was 9 degrees. Clay followed. Then Daddy thought it was getting awfully cold up there (usually means a door is open) so he followed Clay and scooped him up before he could get too cold. Those two are classic examples of what I call "Thinking so far out of the box that you don't even realize there is a box to think in."

Thursday, November 23, 2006

reflections on an interview

On Tuesday, which was mostly yesterday, we had a lady from the local community come and interview Me, Amy and my Mom about being a family of business women. We, of course enjoyed being together and feeding of f of each other's energies. She was asking questions to find out what makes us tick, what inspires us and why we do what we do.

We were having so much fun together that when the interview was over we were going to go play, but then a phone call arrived, and a friend of ours called for advice about what to do to help her sick daughter. We determined that real help was needed and the Hunt women sprang into action, going in 3 different coordinated directions at once.

And I was just realizing that that is what makes us tick. Our ability to spring to action when ever and where ever help is needed. We work together and coordinate quickly to get something done. And even though we all have our own businesses, we still spring into action for each other (or anyone else) when there is a need. That is what we are there for. And that is what we are trying to do for the world.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Utterly and completely wiped out

I'm so wiped I can't even get much beyond this title.

Life has been crazy. This is the first weekend in almost 2 months that I have been home Saturday. My home chores were so piled up that I (as the only mother , step or otherwise is here) had to tell myself that I couldn't go to the ball last night because my chores weren't done.

Myself wasn't overly abashed, having recognized that I had gone and had a ball on Thursday and Friday nights already. And myself also recognized that you can't jolly well be a mother if you are never home to be one.

Yesterday I had energy and cleaned the kitchen, even the fridge- which had piled up with leftovers so old.......
anyways, then I put up the Christmas tree, actually we just moved the Christmas tree from where the kids put it up when I unlocked the closet to get some props for a Christmas themed photoshoot. And worked on cleaning the living room. I made some real progress. There might be a floor in there after all.

I meant to go to church today. I had all the kid's church clothes laying on the ironing board and had plans for an easy breakfast, but when I got up for the first round around the house I realized that I had no energy to deal with it and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to go and the more frustrated I came that I could just sit there. Now that brought me to the point of tears, at which I remembered from childhood meant I was too sick to go to school, and therefore  I skipped church and crawled back in bed.

Mike fed and showered the kids this morning while I slept. And I did sleep.
I do have some interesting things to blog- but am not ready to compose them into words yet. Hang on, maybe by tonight.

And here is some fruits of my work for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life for us women is unfairly hormonally driven.

To get some thing down it is best to be in the right hormonal state for it.
To get a baby our hormones drive us to tease our man until he puts the kids to bed. (even at 3 in the after noon).
To get a clean, organized house it helps to be pregnant.- That is the only time of life when I have to think of limiting myself on how often I scrub the kitchen floor (no more then once per day), verses the normal process of trying to make sure I destick it at least once per week.

To get rid of bull there is PMS-yep if it bugs you toss it out!
To handle children well there is nursing. Nurse the baby and he gets all the caring for he needs (and you're happy too).

Beyond those recognized hormones there seems to be unlimited patience. Patience for dressing, patience for laundry, patience for toys and clothes strewn, patience for 2 hours of unfocused attempts at homework. Patience for the right time to act. Patience for life. patience for customers who are confused or just plain stupid, patience for waiting for your answer before you act.

In fact with in my marriage we sometimes display too much patience for each other. It is not unusual that we plan to do some thing "right after I finish..." so to wait the other person finds something else to do. Then when person 1 is done they go find person2 and find them involved with something so they find something else to do while waiting on that person. And so the cycle continues until somebody says "hey, arn't we trying to get out of here?"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


When ever I get really ornery, so that my dear hubby can not do anything right, and my kids all turn into walking brats and everything is just so awful, it always turns out to be hormonally based.

I want to scream, yell and throw everything that is piled on the floor out the front door. And why? because it is that time of the month. And yet I can almost never guess that the reason I wish to smash my hubby's computer with a sludge hammer and do all sorts of harm to it is actually relating to a hormonal cycle until I see the proof of it. Then all the crazy ideas and feelings end up being summed up into that catch all phrase for women kind. "PMS"

Is the term "PMS" really fair to us? Those who always let everything bounce off of them on all the other days of the month take every look so insidious at this time. We rant and rave and yell and scream inside, and yet it only seeps out when you almost kill yourself walking because of the dropped toy. (or in my case the mound of clothing in the middle of our living room walk way).

Why shouldn't this bother us? Maybe it should bother us at other times of the month, but PMS is the only time that we focus on it. It is the only time when we feel selfish enough to yell at others. It is the only time when we would actually order a cheesecake and not share it. It is a time when the hormonal changes rage so loud that we lose what we felt was civilized and become a "natural man." Only we don't, because we always realize that we will return to our normal universe in several days. And that is why- dear Mikey that your computer is still alive. And that is why my living room mountain has not been pushed out the front door. And that is why my children still sound happy. And that is why we eat the cheesecake and chocolate oaties- to keep our hands and mouths too busy to inflict the damage on the world they it so seems to need.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

quite a weekend

We had quite a weekend. We spent a day at the science museum- the kids under 6 had a tough time with it. We ate in restaurants, tried to sleep in hotels, hauled the biggest and heaviest stuff from our old house in preparation to the closing date- went to the temple-ate in yet one more restaurant and finally drove home in 2 vehicles after dark- then we slept and slept and went to church - back home again (jiggy jog) and then to a cousins birthday party. But Now- all is quiet.

Again, all quiet contemplation leads to the overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Tender Mercies of the weekend:

1. getting lost in downtown Saint Paul- but still finding our way to the science museum faster then my parents.

2. my husband apologizing for yelling at me when he didn't see the turn I indicated while getting lost in downtown St Paul.

3. Organic juices available at the Gas Station.

4. 10 minutes in the restaurant after my husband and kids left...I was to pay the bill...but also ordered and truly enjoyed eating the cheesecake with no one I had to yell at.

5. Attending the Temple on Saturday- seeing old friends

6. Got my kid's birthday gifts (all the birthdays in my family fall between mid Oct and Jan 1st) all at the same store- talking to old friends at the store.

7. The ease of hauling our picnic table with extra hands of the missionaries (our picnic table is 300 pounds, made from recycled plastic).

8. Garison Keiller and Prairie Home Companion on the drive home- with all the kids asleep.

9. Catching up with the moving van my husband was driving and just following him all the way home.

10. 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. (first time in how long?)

11. State President talking in Relief Society.

12. The amazing- and truly blessed orajel.