Thursday, April 28, 2005

Real Life in the ER

AS IF this week wasn't busy enough . . . the kids who have not even been able to run adn scream outside, due to the cold wet (and snowy) weather, had to run and play and make a mess inside. During which they decied to get on top of the cabinet in the bathroom, spill the soaps on my floors and drink the tylonal, and allergy meds.

So the evening begain with telling the kids to clean the toliet paper out of the bathtub (where they put with Ian in the bath because Ian pooped in the bath, and we all know how well a whole roll of TP does in a bathtub full of water.) Then a 911 call, asking to be connected to posion controll, but oh no the opperater thought the problem needed police and ambulence. I was able to talk the ambelence dispatcher into not sending someone, and finally got connected to poision control.

Posion control said they'd call the ER and we should go in ab out an hour (because they won't do a blood test before 2 hours anyways). So then the police showed up and had to make sure everything was ok. Then pregnant hormens kicked in and I started cleaning up the mess., and found the allergy meds were spilt all over the floor. (not that the allergy meds were ever a worry to the posion control center).

So we got to the ER, (8:30pm) adn there was nobody waiting, and three people at the front desk, who all ready had a room for us. For the first hour they were cooing over who cute the kids were adn asking every 2 minutes how we were doing. The kids had the typical questions, blood draws and charchole (mixed with coke a cola) given to them. Oh, yea and don't forget as many people asking if I was ok. Then the ER got busy.

Every room was full before we knew what was going on, and there were police officers walking about (probaly 1 or 2 with most of the 911 call that went out that night (gee I wonder why)). So we waited, and we watched Finding Nemo, we waited, and we watched Baby Einstine, adn we walked around the ER. Ian started begging for water,s o we had to find the nurse who could talk to Dr to see if that was ok. But Ian was on the floor, screaming about wanting a drink, before it was approved.

Finally the Dr came back with the results of the blood draw. Ian had 0 level of Tylonal, Ewan had a blood level of 13. And that, according to the Dr, who contacted posion control, was not supposed to cause dangerous levels of liver damage. So I was told we could get our discharge in 5 minutes, so I dressed the kids just in time for the nurse to ask if they could move us to the waiting room for the discharge papers, because they needed our room. I laghed and we were out of there 15 minutes later.

Of course, both the pumpkins fell asleep in the car, and stayed zonked as we dropped them on the couch and later in thier beds. And soon it is my turn. But somewhow I had not accomplished what I had planned to do tonight.

Monday, April 25, 2005

My day off has gone and went

And I don't have another one schedueled until May 4th.

My Children are getting excited over Grandma Karla comming and Ih ave to pack all the clothing and booth needs for the show. I plan to use the line sheets as packing lists.

Yesterday I had a nice day off. we went to church. All three boys dressed in white shirts and ties and then we came home (and undressed the boys immedately so they could go out and play). During chruch Mike told Galen to sit still. Galen reply (in a screamed pannic was "Don't tourchure me Dad."

Then I had a reasonable nap and made dinner of popcorn and ants on the logs for the kiddlets.

After the kiddlets were tucked in bed and quiet, then I made torillas and had a quiet dinner with Mike, who when watching Tv shortly afterwards fell asleep on the couch. When I woke him up for bed I teased him.

"Next week, you are going to go to school unreasted looking and explain that you had to sleep on the couch all night becasue of your wife. Do you have a fight? No, she is out of town." M aby I'd better add that to my notes for Karla- wake up Mike and send him to bed.

Anyways . . . I might almost be out of things to say- for know. It is now time to cook breakfast. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Up Because I'm too Itchy to sleep

ahh, the glories of a litle yeast where it doesnt' belong., and for some reason the itchies intensify for a few hours after you use the medicine.

Squggily is still living up to his name. And Amber' sister Karla has helped me remimber why I no longer care for ultrasounds, all it takes is shocking or bad news several times and you wouldn't care much for them either. Personally, I know what desicion I would have to make if my baby was unhealthy and unlikly to survive, however I can understand why adn how another parent would make another decision. Either way 99% chance of heart renching.

Let's see besides that all my files are at the printers! and I now have zip software. We have a beautiful Eco Sprout poster. 24x36" is a lot bigger than I immagined, but beautiful and still perfect. Now I am glad I did not go much bigger.

Ewan and Galen supprized both Mike and I tonight. They cleaned Galen's room (without even being asked to) and they did a pretty decent job (excellent for thier ages).

Ian has been crawling on all fours making little mewing sounds. He makes such a nice kitten, but when I asked Mike if I could have the kitty he just reminded me that theydon't a kitten very long.

Oh yes, another interesing thing. We now have a life size drawing of Ewan on our living room wall (complete with name). Luickly Galen drew it with chalk and not marker or crayon or pen.

Now that I think about it, in the annauls of time and eternity almmost all art is of a transiate nature, extecpt for what we make of ourselves.

Well, good night

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sorry, I have been redicuouly busy and the blog just doesn't rank up as top priority . .
Anyways, We have shot our new matenrity lines and are still working on getting everything in place to send to the printers. (so we can have all the papers before the trade show).

The kids are driving me crazy, but that is normal in raining weather when they haven't breen fed lunch yet (hey, it's cooking)

Galen finally got used to his new bifocals. We had quite an interersting time with this- but I do not have the energy to go into details. . .

Ewan still has be right behind me in everything I do asking the same question over and over again. (ever wonder if God gets tired of us asking him the same thing over and over?) He is excited for grandma Karla to come, but doesn't seem to realise that when I say 2 weeks, I do not mean 2 minutes.

Ian has learned that screaming will get his parents attention. However, when he uses that technique for anything non-life-threatening, then we jsut put him to bed.

Mike has returned to school and we are all getting used to 6 am mornings to get Mike to the bus at 7.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The day dawned cool and wet. Squiggily work me up by kicking to the music blarring from the alarm clock. 5:30, 6. “Why can’t Mike just set the alarm for the time he wants to get up?” I thought.

The smell of freshly baked banana bread wafted up from the kitchen. Predawn and fog. But quiet as through out the house no one else was stiring. Not long and it’s be full of children gobbling down breakfast and husbands that weren’t fast enough to get much.

But at least now the husband is off to school- something to keep him busy off computer games for the day. Then soon I’ll being Ewan to school and maby offer to help with the rummage sale set up. Maby not we’ll see what happens in the world of Eco Sprout and Round Belly first.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Chili & a beautiful day

The weather cooperated perfect today for conference. The kids were outside in the sand and I could actually hear the talks given (that was until 4:30 when they came in hungry), so like always I missed the last 1/2 hour, but being able to hear the other 3.5 is always good.

So then I made dinner twice. First I made a big pot of chili. Then as I was mixing the cornbread up adn was putting the sugar back on the self the 64 oz container of olive oil was knocked down and just happened to push the whole pot of chili over the edge of the stove. It got the floor, adn the dog pretty well (luckily it wasn't boiling yet, so the dog did not get hurt). Do you know how fustrating it is to have dinner almost ready then loose it all? Not to mention have a huge mess and dog to clean up?

Well Mike helped me clean up the floor. Then I started again. Completely from the start. I diced more onions, garlic, celery. Had to defrost another pound of hamburger... and all the other things that go into my chili. The only thing I didn't have to restart was the corn bread. I only had to finish that.

The dog did enjoy the chili. He ate a fair amount off the floor, and even more off himself. I am not sure if the dog will need a bath. Ian got priority tonight with his diaper stench, and the dog looked happy and wagged his tail.

Kids belong outside (in a cage)

I love warm bright sunny days when the kids can be in the sandbox, and outside all the time.
I hate crying, and noise and the same questions asked over and over.
I also don't understand why a child refusses to try something new, or trys to out strubrun his parents. Like Galen and his new glasses. He refusses to wear then unless we are reading together. So Mike locked his old glasses away and now Galen either has to wear the new ones or go blind today. Galen doesn't like his options and chooses to cry on the floor. Meanwhile Ian is crying outside because he wanted to go out but there is no brother out there for him to play with.

All three kids going cheep today. They are deffinetely easier before they know they have a will of thier own.
Also why does the school district have to throw days off in the middle of nowhere that just makes the noise louder and prolonged? Galen had yesterday off of school. And it was cold and rainy. Every full time mom hates rainy days. Kids belong outside!