Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rantings of a hormonal woman

I am as ornery as can be tonight. I think it's hormonal. But I cleaned the bathroom while bathing Clay, then cleaned the kitchen (mike cooked so I had to clean) adn then had to deal with those strawberries and rubarb. So I made two pies, which is the only reason I am still awake. The fact that I have to stay up to take the pies out of the oven.

Of course being ornery like this and knowing your cycling lead a women to belive it could be 2 things. Either 1- your pregant or 2-your PMSie, adn of course as soon as you have proof of one you are no longer concerned about the other.

That however also helps bring about the whole round of conversations you have with your self when you are fertile. Things like "Do I want to get pregnant now?", "Do I mind if I'm pregnant?" "Do I care if I'm not".....ect and your brain eventally gives up on itself allowing life to choose as it will, becasue it has already proven several times that nature knows best, and guess what- your name is not Mother Nature.

The biggest way I can tell when I am ornery is that my poor darling husband can not do any thing right. Luckily I try hard to refrain from telling him that, because when I actually analyse what he is doing it is never as bad as my pmsie brain tries to think, (like today he has done the dishes twice, cooked dinner and take care of the kids for a few hours). (that and the fact it would not help motivate him to do good).

Also another sign of being ornery, is wanting everyone's attention the same time you want them all to leave you alone. Any one with experience will be in the next county. And you will get the alone time you badly need. That being said my house has only 1 person in it with experience on these matters, and it doesn't help when he is in the next county and the others aren't.

20 more minutes until my pie. Do you think I can keep blogging that long? Or will I get ornery at the bloody computer too?

Monday, June 26, 2006


If you havent hear anything from me, be assured that it is not that I don't love you, or that there is isn't a lot of interesting things going on in my life- it's just that I got busy.

yup that's right I no longer have much time to sit at the key board and type for the L of it. So below are some excerpts of things I had wanted to blog. Please be advised that these are not full and complete thoughts- just some ideas that passed my way and waved.

"Mo please"
I hired my first employee. Her name is Mo, and she is awsome. She is a go getter that knows how to organize, do electrical wiring and is learning clothing production from the best. Meanwhile she is almsot single handedly getting the small building ready to use as a tempary production space while we build our Round-Round Belly building.

"My girl"
I finally got a girl. After 4 boys with blue eyes I finally got a girl with brown eyes and dark hair. I went to target and bought her PINK! things!! The only problem is that I feel her genetics will cause her to grow up to be a big bitch. O well, you got to take every oppertunity you can to buy pink.

"Don't talk to me, talk about me"
it's called free publicity adn I love it. Can you make the world a better place in ways that will cause people to push down your doors to buy your merhcnadise? That is my goal and challange. some of the ways we plan to do this included:
1- build an extermly earth friendly building that is round, and looks like the woods has a pregnant belly.
2-start a montessori school on site- close to our business building so it can help attract the best employees and be the best eductation around for thier little kids.
3- every chance you get share your goals and dreams- then others can catch them adn share them.
4-be the MOM
I like being in an area where people are excited with you.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

can someone please explain to me...

Why children can never find their shoes but can always find your chocolate?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dear Yvette

If you ever clone yourself- let me know. I'd be willing to hire about 20 of you!