Thursday, April 27, 2006

Breakfast for my family consists of:
2 dozen muffins, 2 pounds of fruit salad, 2 dozen scrambled eggs. What will it be like when I have them working on a farm?

Monday, April 24, 2006

God gave this land to me

Ever not know that you were looking for something until you find it?

Sometimes it is just good marketing. But this time it was being led by the hand of my father(s). Heavenly Father knew what I needed and my Dad pointed it out to me. It looked interesting and as fate would have it we happened to all converge at the right time to view the house and land together.

Here is the link to the MLS on the house and 15 achers

The other 65 achers are coming with it (at least to my parents). And they are beautiful. High, rolling and full of trees.

The offer was made Saturday on the house and all 80 achers of land. It was accepted today. We are happy and plan on moving around May 20th.

Anyways after a fun little IM discussion on the wonderful land Dad and I kept trying to call the land "My Land!". We both feel it belongs to us, and indeed it shall.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I have a strong streak of anti-establishmentism that runs through my bones. It's buried deep inside but has a tendency to roar when ever the establishment forgets that it was established for the good of the person/people.

The problem with establishments is that they have a tenancy to forget they were established to serve the person. And quite often upon this forgetting they turn around and expect the person to serve them or neglects to serve the person in the name of saving or strengthening the establishment, what is even worse is when it is done in the name of "tradition!"

Service is what life is about not establishments. If the establishment can help us serve others then it has it's purpose but as soon as it gets in the way it should be pushed aside for the people. If any of my customer service reps ever claim establishment or tradition over helping the customer I will personally shoot them.

Friday, April 14, 2006

It followed me home Mommy

What amazingly beautiful weather. Can we keep it?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

gaia phobia

Fear of the earth- or more commonly fear of dirt.

It shocks me how many people have this fear, thinking that a child with dirty hands or clothes (and I'm talking sandbox or backyard dirt) is unsuitable company. Apparently they weren't clean enough to be acceptable at Tae kwon Do because they have spend every possible second in the sand box since the weather broke. And this means every second up to leaving home too.

I understand in a way because I bathe my kids before church every week, and if you conciser it a respectful religious thing then dirty hands doesn't show respect as well as clean ones do, however I have a hard time raising an after school activity to a religious worship.

I feel it is also a symptom of modern city life. Where you never have time to touch dirt or commune with the earth, and where dirty work equates (in people's minds) to low paid and otherwise undesirable work. I know it is also an oriental cultural thing that dirt is bad.

However, being of a different mind and culture I view dirt as a symbol of having done your duty for the day, communing with nature, growing your own foods and all the other things us hippies hold in high esteem.

I find that I almost always respect the person who only brushes her hair once a day more then those with a perfect cofiture. I respect those who don't wear any noticeable make up more then those who look like fashion models. And when I buy at a farmers market i always choose those that have dirt under their fingernails because I know that their veggies were picked just this morning.

You can fear Gaia, or you can work with her, but to cover her up with AstroTurf and concrete jungles is asking for trouble.

I guess this is what happens when hippies at heart try to blend with yuppies. And one more reason to relish in my permicaulture classes.

Friday, April 07, 2006

rent a friend

We are looking into everything we need to move and prepare the house for sale. I have come to the conclusion that we could use a friend with a chainsaw and a pickup truck. So far most of my city based friends do not have either. Can you link me up with some?
I'll grill steaks for everyone!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Really Living

Inspired by I wonder's post I thought I would share some moments this week when I was "really living"

When the sick baby was screaming in my ears all day, that was not really living, but after his nap when he greeted me with a smile I was really living. When the family gathered for brownies and family prayer tonight I was really living. When Galen calmly set about doing his homework tonight and did 12 pages. (with lots of praise of course) I was really living. When the kids all fell asleep early Saturday night and Mike and I, um ....never mind...any ways, that was really living.

Really living dwelling on the positive moments that make for happy memories and smelling the roses when they bloom. It is sort of like smelling the essence of chocolate in your son's diaper rather then just the poop. (however I still advise you to take it out to the trash asap so it doesn't foul the air for more real living moments).

May you really live today!