Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween grinch

Ever feel like a Grinch?
I have a holiday I hate the most.
It is halloween. Why should any one go around dressed up as something they are not just to beg for candy?

I hate people giving kids (My kids especially) anything that is full of sugar and artificial colors and flavors. I am also no fan of anything gruesome. But if you really want gruesome you should have been with us last night.

We went to our church's halloween party- it was a chili cookoff (ie all the chilis you can eat) and then unlimited sweets for kids with some nice crafty activities.

the gruesomeness came in when my dear 5 year, who had a lot of sweets at school, ate someone's chili and chips and lots of candy and then started running around. He also started barfing. He barfed 3 times before he told me- all over the floors. And whole he was barfing he was still trying to eat another cupcake.

I am kinda surprised there wasn't more kids barfing by bedtime. but as any good parents we took the candy away.

one amazing thing to me is how much people are willing to spend on the opportunity to go begging door to door for candy. they can spend an unlimited amount on costumes, candy, bags, and gas that night. I also read the kids are something like 10 times more likely to be in a traffic accident on Halloween then any other day of the year.

Halloween is supposed to be scary and tricky and dark. Imitating evil spirits and all sorts of gore.

Yup so call me a grinch. i just don't get why anyone would want the halloween spirit in their lives. At least christmas is suposed to be joyful adn sharing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wish lists

For those who have the desire to give us gifts this holiday (and birthday) season here is a wish list/guide to help you make your decisions. For those who feel obligated, but have no desire, please just send us a card with your family picture. We will treat your family photo as a gift and maybe even get it on the wall :)

set of 12 cloth napkins- blue would be nice color
set of glass storage containers for food
small vacuum with ability to vacuum all sorts of small crevices that brooms just can't do
a storage shed for bikes and trailers and stuff
cast iron 2 burner skillet- for eternal pancake making
a nice sheet cake pan (wore a hole in my last one)
a set of nice hot pads
long leg warmers- preferably wool, but cotton blend will work (they don't make long johns in maternity talls)
things inside my house done- like bathrooms, green house walls, and shelving and all sorts of small painting projects and little details
baby sitting certificates are always nice :)

new fancy computer screen- call for details, it has to work with his new graphic card
a gift card to LLBean (he found lots of good work clothes there that he likes)
a nice church sweater in XXLtall
king size allergy bedding set- already ordered
dress socks
nuts, and other semi healthy snack foods

I am trying to stay away from toys, as he is turning 12..... but he does love legos sets and bionicles and hero factory.
Size is adult large- pants are currenty at 36x30- shoes are size 12
Tan colored dress socks in full adult size.
Starwars books- jengofett stories
Star wars tie and white shirt
Items to inspire young priesthood holders
art set/ markers, paper ect
mp3 player charger cube
he will also be entering into boy scouts- so some good gear would be welcome

loves to build, create, draw
Size is 12
Slightly used jeans are his favorite. He keeps putting holes in the knees.
likes science experiments- tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.
art set (got markers and stuff...still need paper/easel)
needs a lock box to store personal items in
mp3 player charger cube

loves to ask questions about computers. Maybe a technical manual or two
a hand held game system for potty time
build your own robot set
simple hand tools
Size 8/10
basic experimental toys like marble runs or erector sets

very cuddly, likes to watch movies
needs active toys- things to climb on, through, or jump from
floor gym mat
story time with adults
any 1 on 1 time with caring adults
likes toys of all varieties
wears size 6- really likes to wear camo
playdough sets

she is ready for building blocks- please someone get her building blocks- so she'll leave my frozen sticks of butter alone :)
wears a size 4- likes tutus and very fancy pink dresses
likes hair barrets
she is ready for color books and washable crayons
enjoys playing playdough or with real dough

Baby Boy:
needs a crib- used (as long it is very sturdy) is fine, we have a mattress
also could use a portacrib with a changing table top for the downstairs- already got
some clothing. He will probably never fit into newborn size- and usually will wear at least double his age in size (ie at 6 months he will wear 12m) I am missing some basics like baby socks and onsies, and prefer organic when possible. Right now he still needs pjs in 12m, and clothes larger then 12m.

Those are my ideas for now :) hope it helps with your holiday planing

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a crop of boys

My peer group is older then me. I went to college early, got married early, had kids early and now find that most of the people with children the ages of my older ones are close to 40. That doesn't scare me, except for the fact that they are all pretty sure they are done having children. They keep telling it would be best if I stopped by 35.

I have to admit, I can not argue with that advice. Even though I can handle a nursery of 6 toddlers single handedly week in and week out, that 36 is too many, even for me.

That being said, I am nowhere near 36, not even close to 10. 100 years ago 6 was just a beginning, and to get 5 of those to be strong, strapping boys would be seen as a bonus. 5 big, strong young men to help milk cows, plow fields and haul hay.

Maybe my DH and I have a destiny as farmers. And according to a fair amount of my favorite blogs that farming for ourselves and our local communities might be the best way to survive the coming future.

Besides a crop of boys, what else should I be planting on our 2 archer suburban plot?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ultrasounds or weird dreams

well that weird dream where I was told I had 6 legs kicking me was just a weird dream. I only have 2 legs kicking me.

This fact, established by ultrasound today clearly simplifies things. I have 1 very big baby boy kicking me. So when I felt I was wall to wall baby- I was right, but instead of it being 2 little squirts it is 1 big squirt. One big squirt who is almost twice the size of the 2 little squirts would be. It might be another Galen.

This means I only have to worry about 1 crib, and not have to worry about a car big enough for the whole family (yet). As the minivan we have will suffice until we try again for our girl.

And it also means that worrying about birth control is also no longer necessary- which we were really considering if we ended up with multiples. It makes the whole birth plan and concerns over preemie babies disappear.

Everything will be easier with just 1 at a time- although I did get rid of all my boy clothes- assuming Clay was our last. Oh well, at least I get to shop for something :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food Count 2

The last 24 hours I've eaten: (reverse order)

11 am 1/2cup bbq potato chips
7am 1 banana, 2 oz chicken
11 pm 1 cup yogurt
1/2 c corn chips, 1/2 c milk
7pm 2 slices garlic bread
2 ww buns
6 oz chicken
carrot sticks
6pm 6 sugar waffers
2pm 1 cup icecream
4 pm 2 scrambled eggs with cheese, ww bagel with jelly, apple
12pm baked potato with chili and saurkraut and cheese

Total Servings:
Fruits and Veggies: 7
Protein: 5
Calcium: 4
Whole Grains: 5 (yes the corn chips are wholegrain)
fats: 7
Refined Sugars: 2

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The magic unveiling

This week we take that first fateful peek inside my growing abdomen. What will we find there?

I had 2 ultrasounds in a row that produced shock. And then finally one that produced awwwe.
It took a lot of work to get my Shannon.

I have to admit that I am a little apprehensive this time. We know this is not a "normal" pregnancy. I have had 5.5 normal pregnancies and this is not one of them. We know we have healthy fetal heart tones. We have strong suspicions that we are expecting more then 1, which would explain all the unusualness of this pregnancy.

Other then that there are several other reasons why things could be different. I could have the wrong due date (which I know is not the case). I could have excess amniotic fluids- which would not be a good thing. I could have a cyst or a growth, I could just be "prestretched" - not! (Galen stretched me first thing, and I know how big I normally am at different stages of pregnancy. Usually I am just beginning to wear maternity clothes at 20 weeks, not growing out of them.)

Well anyways, You can bet we will be posting news here of what we find out this week. But you will have to wait until Thursday, for that is the day we peek.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

food count

I am just curious what I am eating in a day. So I will track the last 24 hours.

yesterday 7:30 pm - 6oz steak, 1/2cup green beans, 1/2 baked potato, 2 cups salad, 1 roll.
8pm- oatmeal cookie
10pm - more green beans, potaotes
12 am- 1 cup yogurt
3 am- oatmeal cookies with peanut butter on it
7am- banana, cookie, yogurt
12pm- sandwich, ham and cheese on whole wheat, grapefruit, salad
2pm- ham and cheese with out bread, 1/2 cup walnuts
4pm- 1/2 potato, few bites of steak
5:30 pm- 1 cup Brussels sprouts, 1 cup brown rice, 2 cups stir fry
6:30 pm- 1 cup yogurt.

so how many serving of what?
protiens: 7-8 servings
calcium: 4 servings
fruits and veggies: 10-11
grains: 8-9
high fats: 4

Monday, October 04, 2010

well I am pretty sure I heard at least 2 baby heartbeats the other day- at the same time, but on different rhythms. And then in a dream I was told I had 6 legs kicking me.

Of course all this leaves me with questions the internet can not answer for me, no matter who much I research twins or triplets, I can not learn how it will go for me. Will my babies be born early or will they wait for 39 weeks? Will I be put on bed rest? I will need to find a nicu? and how to arrange the house and schedule to work with 2 or 3 babies at once?

I have dreamed of 2 of these babies. I have seen Arwen as a baby and as a young women. She has red hair. (Mike said he knew it). And then earlier of I dreamed of a boy with blond hair and long legs. I also saw him both as a boy and as a baby (in different dreams).

I haven't clearly dreamed of a third, that I can remember. I think it would be a girl though, but am not sure. Eowyn is what I would call her.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Triple Blessed

I feel very blessed today.

I live a life where when I crave something- generally all I have to do is make it or run to the store for the 1 or 2 ingredents I am missing adn then I can make it. It doesn't matter much what I crave, there is always an easy way to get it- whether it is cheesecake or bowwow.

I also live a life where the information I desire lies at my fingertips (on any non-personal items, but a lot of others' personal items).

I also live in a house that is largely designed to heat itself and keep its self fairly clean, so when I have days that I don't feel blessed enough to do anything but sleep- I can choose to without falling too far behind.

I feel blessed to live in an age of washing machines, farmer's markets and fetal dopplers.

I feel blessed to have parents that dote on me, so I have the time to dote on my children.

I feel blessed to have the ability to store the food and clothes that we will need in the near future. (which reminds me of more chores to do)

But mostly I feel blessed to have bowwow, bananas and fresh picked broccoli to eat today.

Life is good.

Life is great.

I feel blessed to have the cutest kids on earth. I feel blessed to be challenged by their differences and special needs. I feel blessed to have time to read to them, cuddle them, adore them and be surprised and marveled by them.

I feel blessed to have a husband who is working hard to support us and grow his own capacity to love, serve and support us. I feel blessed to have a husband who is good at bed sport, and still looks at my naked, pregnant body, as if it's s sight for sore eyes.

I feel blessed to have a body that is capable of carrying babies, growing them 40 weeks and them pushing them out easily- and them nursing them for the next 2 years.

I feel blessed to have temperate weather so my windows are still open. I feel blessed to hear the noises of kids playing outside and the sunshine still warming my skin.

I feel blessed for my awesome life at this awesome time.

I know things will change, more challenges will come, and I feel blessed to be able to prepare for some of those changes.