Monday, May 30, 2005

I have had enough

Child, you're only a few weeks from being due, but you are taking up so much space inside me that I can't move, can't sleep, can't eat, and my stomach hurts all the time. You time is up. This is your eviction notice. Vacaate your womb soon or suffer the concequences.

Friday, May 27, 2005

I may have a little Ninja on my hands

Well, after about 2 weeks of dragging kids to taekwondo classes, they finally joined thier classes and had loads of fun participating. I belive this could be very good for them. Galen was autstic acting at first, but then stepped out of it and was working hard on doing exactatly what he was supposed to. He was watching the teacher, listening, and copying his fellow students. I think he was truely focused on what he was doing for at least 1/2 the class.

Of course offically joining class means monetary outlay and a promise to attend classes with our child (watch them) and practice every night at home for at least 10 minutes. But it might all be worth it. (sure beats visiting therapysts for Galen, and is cheaper too).

Every wonder why the man you married is so stupid some times? If there is a women alive that doesn't wonder this I'll be suprized. Why do they have to stay up all night so can't get up in the morning? or forget birthdays or Christmas (or what ever it is that just drives you crazy!)

Oh- painting update We got a color called "tigger's belly" for the baby's room. come and help us paint. It will be so much fun!

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Sun Came Out

I know, they always say the sun will come out tomarrow, but boy was I begaining to doubt it, and with a raining morning. I was really doubting seeing anything that looked liked decent weather today. But just as soon as half the house was all ready to go the mall of america (for something to do away from the house) the sun came out (and the incy wincy spider crawled up the spout again).

So anyways, then begains our adverntures of the jungle lawn. I went and bought an old fashioned push mower (that even the kids can use) and between the 2 mowers and 5 people we managed to manage the largest magority of the front lawn. We got some cute pics of Ewie using the push mower, and some rare pics of Mike away from his computer. Galen then took over the camera and seemed thrilled and amazed and very capable of handeling it. Now his says he wants to be my photographer (I think I'll get him a cheap digital to practice with).

Then when the batteries died on lawn mower, I moved to the back yard and felt inclinded to start cleaning that up. So I started with moving the items I had been saving to make garden into the garden spot (in the front lawn) then bringing the kids to the store to buy the dirt ( amixture of 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, adn 1/3 soil, acccording to the Square Foot Garden web site). I let each of the kids pick up several plants for thier little garden drawers. And we comenced to get dirty. And the mixture of the soil looks and feels wonderful and is easy to work with.

Now each of the kids is growning a strawberry plant, and several others of thier choosing And I have some cucumbers and tomatos started. Then i started my seeds for transplant outside in 2 weeks. Galen even got a little glow in the dark decorative garden frog for his little garden drawer. (why am I calling it a garden drawer? becasue I am using the bottom portions of Galen's' trundle bed and drawers for the garden plot.)

All I need to do now for my garden is attually divide it into square feet. I plan to do this by screws and twine.

So The kids were kept busy, and happy. But then i was exhausted and took a nap. When I woke up, i was speachless. The had emptied the vacume container and had played in it on my clean living room. So from there we bathed, fed and bedded the kiddos, Now I just need to finish thier clean up.

Painful is this story in the force . . .

Star Wars 3, is a story full of pain. And most of the acting and dirrecting is good enough that you can feel it, understand it. (maby cry over it). The pg 13 rating seems to fit. i don't think any kid can understand what is happening, and to have Galen relate to the story or understand what side is good or bad would be very confusing. I also think that most teenagers also will miss the true aspects of the story. The story is about emotional pain, fear, loss and decions made from these aspects of our lives instead of from faith.

Anyway, I just cry for Anikan.- an amazing acting job from the young man.

And it is always nice to return home to house that has been cleaned and kids that are asleep. I love having my house cleaner baby sit. - now if only I could find my keys . . .

Milk Bed

You have all heard of a milk bath, but have you all heard of a milk bed?

Yep, thanks to a Ewie we slept in a milk bed last night. You see I changed laundry yesterday. Ewie followed me to the basment, and I asked him to pick up a box of inventory Ian had previously turned over. BUT instead of picking up the inventory he grabbed a can of powered milk and high tailed it to my bedroom (by this time I was in the laundry room, thinking Ewie would be picking up the box of over turned inventory).

So a few minutes later, I haul an armload of clean bedding upstairs to put on thier beds, just to find an empty open can (4 lbs) of powered milk that they had been blowing through the fan in our bedroom.

Do you know that powdered milk is one of the most sticky substances in the world and when combined with a little bit of water it becomes harder to clean up then spilt airplane glue?

So I striped my bed. (blankets, pillow cases (even pillow dust mite covers). ANd took a nap on a unmade bed. Then after the kids were asleep, and we were home from the movie, Mike and I used our vacume resouces to get as much up off the floors, walls and books as possible. Then we made our bed with clean bedding. However, there was still enough powered milk that some of it made it unto our clean sheets anyways. But at least to my pregant nose powered milk does not smell as bad as the curry powder that all over this living room this week.

And it is raining again! What am I suppose to do with these kids? How am I suppose hang all the blankets out to dry in the rain? How am I supposed to get the lawn mowed?

Anyways, I think my business is about to hire it's first offical employee?
Should I call his refernces and see if he will be good at spending time doing graphic arts, facilities matience and sectarial work. Do you think he would concider it sexual harismesnt if I told him he smelled good, and snuggled up?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cramping my style

I think this kid is finally starting to cramp my style. Most of it has to do with the fact that there is no room left for my stomach and the contents of the stomach do not belong in the throat. 2ndly there is no room left for the stomach to clain it's hungry, although the rest o fmy body still cries for nurishment.

And then there is no way to sit comfortably. Try inserting a 20 pound watermelon into your abdoman, then trying to find a way to sit with out it gushing out everywhere. (of course the baby won't gush until it is time, but still the comfort level is about the same)

Knees, and his and baby toes are all sticking out all over the place (through the tight skin) and of course they kick you when you push them back in.

Anyway, the only thing I think this kid needs to wait on is a bedroom that is painted and floored (and it wouldn't hurt if we could get my bedroom too.) Does anybody feel like painting?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Domestic Godess

I am a domestic godess- everything belongs in it's proper place.
Maby, just a domestic demi god- I have arranged for the feeding of my family all summer long
then again- just a domestic tyrant- move a toe out of line and I'll yell at you.

Maby just "Pregnant Women" entering her last semester cleaning/organizing frenzy. The baby's room will be done in buttercup yellow- with a complete organic nursery bedding set- curtisy of Round Belly (after all someone has to set up a crib to model it).

This means I have fresh made brownies, and several rooms that almost maintain clean. (kitchen, bathrooms, and kid's bedrooms) I have also actually picked up the office room several times this week too. And laundry.

He He He He, imagine what I could accomplish with out the mess makers here. I can't wait until it stops raining and I can toss them outside for the day.

And besides a domestic godess, I am a business godess! Today I shipped 23 item! many sales and line sheets being sent to boutiges who have all said they'd be happy to look at them.
(however, never take 2 kids to the post office when you have many items to ship)

Now all I need to do is my retail catalog. Any suggestions?

Monday, May 09, 2005

It feels good

I am home, my kitchen is clean, (and so is most of the rest of my house). I have dinner started, I have laundry started and my kids were prayed with and read to this morning, after a breadfast of oatmeal and eggs.

Pregnant Woman is home and anybody that messes anything up or sticks a toe out of line is going to get it.

Anybody want to help me paint the nursery?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

So long and thanks for all the fish

I have this tune inside my head- It's catchy, but I've got to go to bed- so I 'll just tell you that tonight Mike and I watched a very enjoyable movie. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't take them too seriously. But If you enjoyed the books, then you obviously don't take life too seriously- but just as a precaustion- don't go with any expectations for it to be like the book. Enjoy it for what it is.

Good Night

Thursday, May 05, 2005

We had a show

and we showed off pretty well. Our baby Eco Sprout Gift Set kept stopping people in thier tracks, adn we handed out a lot of business cards to send people to buy it off our website. We also got several serious international inquiries and sold about $300 while we were on the floor. Tomarrow I am shipping the last of what has offically already sold.

My kids seemed to have survived with out me. The adults, who took my place a little less so. )but they were out numbered). Right now I am anjoying an organic blueberry pie and ice cream.

Have a wonderful day!