Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day.....

Ever tried to teach a two year old that just because his older brother does something it doesn't mean that he should?

Galen though he should step on Ian, who just happened to choose to lie down in the middle of the walkway. So Clay thought it was funny and stomped on his brother 3 times.

Clay and Galen are pretty close buddies. Galen loves having a sweet little mimic. They sort of goad each other on. So, Galen has been somewhat autistic behaving lately, and getting through to him would be a challenge, but Clay, I had to deal with. He was picked up and talked to by the scruff of his shirt until he realized that Mommy was not joking. Then he grabbed and blanket and came and cuddled on my lap for a few minutes. Or at least what accounts for my lap right now. He has to curl around me, to stay up there, but he usually manages it.

Meanwhile, this vacation, that I have been so looking forward too seems even more distant after the day out with the family. We took today to go buy Galen some shoes, and had lunch on the way...did grocery shopping ect. It was a lot of work. Kind of makes me wonder of there is any such thing as a vacation with children.

So, anyways, it is gorgeous weather outside. 36 and Sunny! The snow is all melting, and Clay just followed his brothers outside long enough to get stuck in it. 2 feet of melting snow catches little kids quite well. I had to go rescue him since no one else seemed to hear his crys or care where they left him. I guess that is another thing he has to learn about Galen....not always as reliable as an older brother should be. I wonder if having an autistic brother makes kids wise before their time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


School is on today. And I only have 1 kid home right now. Talk about a few nice minutes of peace and quiet.

YIPEE!! my husband did the dishes this morning, before anybody else was even awake.

YIPEE!! I love the internet and the access to programs on it- like the leadership meeting on the family.

YIPEE!! I love feeling support for my family.

Child bearing is a matter of faith (and like all faith requires lots of work)....a way for miracles to occur.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

dreaming of sandy beaches

Baby is growing, moving up my backbone and pushing into my stomach regions. That means heartburn. That means good by sleeping flat, that means eating less, even though I am hungry more. Babies are weird that way. At a time when you need to consume the most nutrients and calories they start to take away your ability to.

After that baby starts invading your lung space, until you swear there is no room left in you to breathe. Then one magical day, you and the baby get sick of the cramped corners and you push him out. And all of sudden, your systems all work again, you can breathe, you can eat, you can sleep with out heartburn, stand without support and only will only have to potty every few hours (instead of every few minutes).

I am up. Early on a Saturday because baby woke me up with the two things babies like to make you do most. 1. potty, 2. Eat.

Besides that, my house is quiet, and I can almost think for a few minutes. And those thoughts- as I look outside to the vast whiteness of snow. Leads me to think of a desire to lay on a warm sandy beach. And then go out to a nice restaurant for dinner and order whole steak dinner, but only manage to eat 2 bites of steak and 1/2 a potato. (but don't even dream of asking me to share the cheesecake).

There is 3 weeks until my warm sandy vacation. 3 more weeks of wearing winter coats (I am just hoping mine will still zip around my basketball belly as long as winter holds out). 3 more weeks of wishing we could just toss the kids outside to play. It snowed too deeply here at the beginning of winter and the little ones couldn't play outside in it because the snow was up to their chests, and then they scream their heads off when their boots come off in the middle of the vast snow plains- usually about 12 inches down.

Then the snow sits, and kinda melts into a 14" glacier that covers the landscape with ice, but not any ice, the kind of ice that purposely grabs your boots and then cuts your ankles when you try to pull your leg out of it's massive jaws. Then if you add to that the weeks of -30 weather and then those furious wind chills that cut through all solid surfaces to steal your body heat away.... one starts to understand the reason the children haven't played outside much this winter.

We have no snow men. Sticky is not a quality our snow has possessed, maybe in March some blizzard will bring a flock of new snow that will have the right qualities for building with. Then one of my precious pumpkins will make a snow man with an extra ball in front of the belly and call it "Mommy." I can see it now; a child comes dripping melting snow all the way into my office to say "You gotta come look mommy, I made a snow man of you." And then I will obligated to spend several minutes putting on I have to wear for winter- 8 layers of spring maternity jackets, because my winter coat no longer fits, and then waddle out on the compacted layers of ice and through the 14" of fresh fallen sticky snow to see the pregnant snow Mommy and her basketball shaped belly. I am not sure if it will amuse me or annoy me. I guess that we will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile I think it is time to go potty and to eat again. Anybody who thinks all babies do is eat, sleep and poop, just forgot that for months before baby that seems like all their mommy's do to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

There are so many things I plan to blog when they happen to me. Things like interesting messes, the cutest things that the kids say and some of the usual frustrations associated with motherhood,but by the time I finally get around to sitting at my computer with enough continual minutes to put together half a coherent sentence at a time, I can not remember a thing. (If this sentence isn't coherent you can probably figure out why).

Anyways... now that you know you have missed some of the cutest things this week already, I will tell you about the one or two that I have not forgot.

Like tonight. I paused in cooking for 3 seconds to call Mike and let him know dinner was ready. In those 3 seconds Clay pushed a chair up to the counter ate the cheese for the other 4 sandwiches and then proceeded to pour the rest of the grapefruit juice out on the counter.

Clay likes to help in the kitchen. Last night I turned my back on him and some marinating fish to grind some bread crumbs only to discover the fish were now marinating in hot cocoa. He poured the rest of the cocoa on top of the olive oil garlic marinade.

So consider it fair warning if you ever join us for dinner.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

long awaited pics

For those of you who are not ultrasound techs. What we are looking at here is a face- facing you- if you look closely you can see that she has my chin. And the other is a profile. Daddy thinks the profile looks a lot like Ian.

Republicans vote = good for thier pocket books

Yesterday was my birthday, but instead of spending a nice quiet evening at home and eating cake and ice cream, I went to the county caucuses and got the Republicans of Pine River to vote in an environmental initiative.

Of course, they resolves all the usual stuff of pro family, anti abortion, keep government out of health care. And so forth, but at the last minute I figured out how to word a a green proposition to the good people of Pine River.

"Be it resolved that we move towards renewable energy so as to provide an alternative to the inevitable rise of gas prices and other fossil fuels."

Most people read this as "good for their pocket books"
I read it as the only way to avoid disaster in an economy and infrastructure based on fossil fuels.

We need to move towards sustainable and renewable energy sources, and we need to do so quickly. Or the resulting economic and political crash will weed out all those who have not foreseen and prepared.

I had a dream last night that this crash was coming very fast- in my dream it was about 6months. Now, how much weight you put on a pregnant woman's lucid dreams is up to you. but as for me; I am working on that preparation.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Review of the last 48 hours

When I was about 10 years old I started having birthday sleepers with my best friend, whose birthday was 4 days before mine. We would play games, eat lots of yummies, and watch movies until wee hours of the morning. We would talk and giggle and generally have lots of fun.

On Tuesday I turn the big Three O, and celebrated that fact this weekend. Mike and I found 3 sitters to take our 4 kids (what would I do without family around?) And we went out of town.

We headed to the cities had a nice ultrasound of our baby, the ultrasound tech noted several interesting things along the way. Here is the arms, and you can see the fingers, looked at the kidneys, bladder, heart, brain formations, noting the lack of any male gentilia (checked that several times).

Then we had lunch, shopped for some pink things, went to the LDS book store and napped at the hotel, had dinner, went to the temple and then snacked and played Settlers of Zarahemla until almost midnight. But there was a movie "Enchanted" on the demand system and we had to stay up to watch that. So finally zonked too tired not to sleep around 1:30 am. We did lots of laughing, playing and eating.

We truly took this morning easy, not leaving the hotel until almost noon. The whole thing reminded me very much of those sleepovers I used to have. Very relaxing and fun.

Our kids are glad to be back together with us and each other. And I need to leave the blog long enough to get Galen into the bath for church tomorrow.