Saturday, August 18, 2012

Serve Pancakes at my Funeral

When I die, serve pancakes at my funeral
only don't call it a funeral-
it should be a Celebration of Life
have balloon and music- a live band.

When I die, serve pancakes at my funeral
And have that band play polkas and waltzes, jazz and tango,
let the children dance,
and get dizzy showing off to you.

When I die, serve pancakes at my funeral
with enough real maple syrup
that you too join in the dancing until you are exhausted and delirious
and the world is spinning and you forget about why you are there and just enjoy being.

When I die, serve pancakes at my funeral
and talk about me, if you want
I will no longer get the hick-ups
but talk about you.
Did I make a difference in your life?

When I die, serve pancakes at my funeral
make sure they are freshly ground whole wheat
have peanut butter and applesauce to smear on them.
For desert serve them with blueberries and chocolate chips.

When I die, serve pancakes at my funeral
Cry, if you must, I'll miss you too
for the few remainig seconds we are apart
at least it will only seem a short time to me.

When I die, serve pancakes at my funeral
Serve the pancakes with a smile
a smile that says to everyone "I love you" and
"You are important to me."

For that is what I want to be remembered for.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Food count

It's been a awhile, and I have worked hard to change my diet to be more in line with nutritionists. The basic idea is that fruits and veggies and beans are the best things to eat- followed by fruit and nuts. My goal is about 9 cups of fruits and veggies a day.

Breakfast- 8:30- blended salad (spinach and berries, mostly)- about 2.5 cups

Lunch- 2 pm- 1/2 a pbj on whole wheat (Roo got the rest)
                     - coleslaw (slimed with ground nuts sauce)- about 2 cups
                     - mushroom, tomato, onions and greens on Ezekiel bread- about 1.5 cups of veggies

Dinner- about 6 pm-  coleslaw- about 2 cups
                                - leafy green salad- about 2 cups
                                - refried beans on whole wheat tortillas- 2 of them
                                - almond milk- 1.5 cups

Snack about 8:30- oatmeal and peanut butter mixed with a splash of maple syrup- about 1/4 cup (Roo got the rest)

fruits and veggies- 10 cups
beans- 2 cups
whole grains- 5-6 servings
nuts- some

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Give my a Scholarship for Midwifery Studies

10. So more woman can be guided through childbirth.
9. So more babies can enter the world in harmony and love.
8. So my own dreams are realized.
7. So I can show my kids that it is never too late to go back to school.
6. So my kids can have shoes.
5. So my parents' financial planners get off my back about earning enough money.
4. So I have a good excuse why I don't have my dishes done and my floor mopped.
3. So my curiosity will be satisfied, a least for a bit.
2. So I can lead the way in advances in well woman care.
1. Because I was born to be a midwife.