Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kids are so Funny

especially when they think they're being sneaky.

I let the boys loose last night with some items like fake holly berries, ribbons and glitter to make some Christmas ornaments. After I showed them what my plans were I told them they were welcome to be creative with theirs. And they were.

about an hour later, I heard them snickering and whispering. "we'll put it over their beds, that way Mom and Dad will have to kiss ALL night."

They made some "mistletoe " and hung it over our bed.

So later, Galen and I sat down on the bed to read him a story and I had to tease him "So, Do I get to kiss you? we're under the mistletoe."

Galen said "for my it just means that I smile at you."

Monday, November 24, 2008

musing of the non- omniscient

Ever noticed that little kids seem to think their mothers are god like?

Yup that means that at nearly 1 am this morning, I was trying to crawl into bed with 3 kids demanding my attention when I noticed that someone got off his potty too early following his enema and had left a nice wet, poopy section hidden under the blankets right were my toes should go.

So Shannon was screaming for my attention, Galen wanted a story and Clay wanted help with his pullup change. I tried to assure them that they could all do it themselves, but they all believed that I could be omnipresent. And with the constant barrage of questions the older kids must feel I am omniscient, and they also seem to think that I can not only do everything, but manage to do everything at the same time- omnipotent (although, because I have 5 kids I am more thinking that my husband is omnipotent).

So I find myself explaining to my kids that in this mortal probation I am none of the above, therefore they should try to do a few things for themselves for a change and let their mommy go potty in peace, but Those under 5 just don't grasp it. They seem to remember their last set of parents being all those things and kinds forget the whole limitations living according to the rules of Earth Life put on you.

Someday, however, I do plan to be most of those things, and think that I will still be trying to get my kids to do a few things with out me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas lists

For Christmas we are doing a name draw amongst my siblings and their children.

For their convenience here is who they got.

Galen will give a gift to Oz
Ewan will give a gift to Sky
Ian will give a gift to Rochester
Clayton will give a gift to Kirsten
Shannon will give a gift to Kristen
Jake will give a gift to Trishelle
Kristen will give a gift to Clay
Sky will give a gift to Ewan
Kirsten will give a gift to Riley
Oz will give a gift to Ian
Chester will give a gift to Galen
Riley will give a gift to Jake
Trishelle will give a gift to Shannon

For Adults:
Raya will give to Amy
Mike will Give to Catherine
Catherine will give to Colin
Mat will give to Raya
Amy will give to Mike
Colin will give to Mat

Do not worry about the price of your gift- making it fun or thoughtful or useful is more important. Homemade, second hand, and creative gifts are encouraged. Feel free to help your children.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

one of the tribe

Shanny has officially been initiated as one of the tribe. That's right the siblings accepted her as one of their own tonight in a nice little ceremony.

Shanny was kicking belly high on my leg- and Galen refused to sit next to her for story time because she might drool on him. So he called her "Drool face". She smiled at him and he said it again.

That was of course after the preliminary events where Galen buried her up to her face in blankets and then told Clay to sit on her. I warned him that nobody sits on my baby unless they want to be revenged by the baby sat (since we were reading Calvin and Hobbes last night- he liked the reference).

Friday, November 07, 2008

it that season

yup the time when people are thinking about Christmas gifts. I am hoping that all the cousins can draw names and or adults. Please post your lists soon- I like having everything done before December.

I would love it if we could draw names this week end !!

So in cause you think about my family here is our ideas list:

wood cutting boards
hand held blender
glass bowls- mixing
box of mason jars and lids
food processor
stone ware pizza pan
wood meat hammer
yogurt incubator

Gift certificate for art supply store- Utrecht is a good one
homestead tools- like shovels, rakes, saws and stuff.
He wears a XXL tall.

star wars- wants kids novels with pictures
lion king stuff
sensory stimulation/ fulfillment items
He wears an adult S.

legos- MTT troop Carrier
republic gun ship (lego thing)
tornado kit
clay for sculpting/molding
art supplies
He wears a size 8.

wants tools and a place to use them.
He wears a size 7.

loves balls
maybe a simple game like Candy Land
organic bubble bath
he wears a size 5.

Shannon is just getting ready for toys. She only have a small handful since they don't survive the boys very well.
She will be 6 months old at Christmas.
If you are buying clothes for her consider that she will be wearing 18m size at Christmas, 2T this spring and probably 3T for next fall.