Sunday, August 20, 2006

Autsism Rant

Amber sent me this link and asked me what I thought

Each Autism case is unique, and I feel that they are over simplifying the issue. Galen processes information differently from most folk, but it is processed. To break it down like they are suggesting is like breaking a Windows program down so a Mac can understand it. When you just need a different coding.
Seeing what tasks he does well in comparison to her peer group shows that most of the brain is just wired different for a different purpose. To try to force him or any other autistic to "be normal" is limiting their potential for what they were built for.
Should one try to get a lawn mover to clean the carpet? Or would it be better to use it to mow the lawn?

And as far as performing complex tasks? ever seen Galen with anything he can build something out of? He can even follow lego instructions easier then I can. (but they did mention tying shoes, Galen hasn't learned to tie his shoes- but he has only had 1 pair of tie shows in the last 5 years). And you can't tell me he doesn't plan ahead with his tasks either.- remember the fishies?

True, that they have to learn to communicate so their ideas are seen and heard. And daily living skills are also useful- but let's look at why so many autistic children are here on a spiritual basis and maby ask what is our world/society being prepared for? They think differently, they can do different kinds of things.....are we poised for a change?


Anonymous said...

honey, Autism is with only one S. (:


Anonymous said...

This article made me think that if so many children with Autism do have difficulty with complex tasks, then maybe Galen isn't autistic? But then, Autism is just a huge catch all in my book.

I thought other things too, but that's not what I wanted to mention.