Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Weekend that would never end

We had a long weekend. It was MEA and school was off for Thursday and Friday. And then by Saturday both Galen and Clay caught some pink eye. The pink eye was very catchy, because we knew the their cousins had all had it and even grandpa caught it. So I knew I had to keep them home from church- which made the weekend even longer and then Galen had to miss school on Monday too. So that by last night he was so off schedule that he didn't want to sleep until almost midnight.

So it was tough getting him up this morning- however the magic of chocolate bunnies work very well and soon he was bouncing off the furniture. Amazing what a little infusion of sugar and caffeine (in chocolate bunnies??? that must be a whole lot of chocolate) can do.

Anyways, our long weekend did not seem to slow down October sales.- And I ran into a new type of customer. One who is very easily offended. Which always is interesting, because no offense was intended or even implied, but hey that doesn't make a difference if you happened to stir up some unhappy memories, I guess.

Anyways, on to life..... Have fun!

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