Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

Ewan got to spend last night with Auntie Amy and then work his little cute tail off waving in her float this morning at the Pequot Parade. The rest of our family watched him.

After lunch we then partcipated in Water Wars. I don't have as many good pictures as I would like from that due to the extremes in lighting. I hvae many of the Galen, Ewan, Uncle Kevin team, but no real good ones of the Ryan, Ethan, Avery and Ian team.

After that we were more then happy to go home for naps and I talked my kids into doing s'mores, ice cream floats (in OJ) and fireworks at home tonight rather then go to Brainerd. We enjoyed our evening at home, the fireworks were a blast ($19.99 worth) and we invited Ryan, Ethan and Avery to join us. We had to take a car seat out of the car to stop Clay from walking up to the burning fireworks and trying to eat them. He enjoyed the show while being strapped in to his seat.

And the best thing of all about staying home? We got the first baby to bed before the Brainerd fireworks would have even finished.

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