Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had an interesting dream this morning. I was going to look at a house I was buying- only now it was in bad condition- the floors were all kitty-wompas, and everything was in disrepair. Only then - when I told my dad that I am glad I didn't buy this house yet. He said it was a good thing I had built the narc. My mom didn't seem to see the house- but she liked the people in it and offered to cook us lunch of oscar meyer hotdogs and set us in with mindless entertainment. That it when I noticed that it was kinda like an old folks home and it assumed I was staying. (I call this the American Zombie Institution- for people who like being trapped by advertisers and refuse to see climate change and collapse issues)

Then I fled. I got out of that house and into masses of big spacious buildings- lots of big catholic church type buildings- and throw other people's wedding- I was being chased- so I started to fly. But then my Shannon was left behind. And I couldn't fly holding her- I had to settle for long leap and slow decents. We excaped down some woods and then ended up in a museum type building. It looked interesting, but would just be distracting me from my goal of freedom- so I didn't listen to lectures of look at the exhibits (much). Then from behind me came a voice. "Help me remove this tag. They stuck it on me when they let me in here days ago." It was Galen. I removed his tag and asked him if he knew how to fly. He said he didn't, so I tried to teach him.

I knew that if we could just get to the true church's property we'd be safe.

Then I woke up and wondered if our spirits are used to flying- not having enough matter to hold then down with gravity... and then we get a body and are held down with the weight of it. Is that why we always dream of flying?

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Abundant writer said...

I used to fly in my dreams.. always had to watch out for those who would try and catch me.. or things like power lines or storms.. trees etc.. then one day I was told in my dreams by Paul that unless I could take my girls with me I could not fly.. so I stopped flying in my dreams.. I wonder if now that you can fly I could again... I have wanted to because it is so free feeling.. interesting though.. and who knows but not every one does.. or knows how to.. some day I will have a flying dream again.. :D