Thursday, January 27, 2011

boots and balls

There is something I probably should have considered when I bought my knee high- winter boots this year.

I didn't consider the amount of work they would be to put on when your pregnant belly reaches your toes. yeah- I have to lift my legs high enough to slide them into the boots. That is no longer as easy as it was a few months ago.

In fact my chances of successfully getting my boots on now increase greatly if I do my prenatal y0ga first- at least then I am less likely to pull a muscle in the contortions it takes to lift my legs above my belly while in a seated position.

If you would like to understand the challenge first hand I suggest you place several cannon balls in your hip cradle and makes sure at least one of these sits directly in your vagina, pressing on the cervix and wiggles of it's own accord (this position should also place all the weight on your bladder). Then add a 30 gallon garbage bag full of water tied to the outside of your abdomen- this should also become hard at irregular intervals and stick painful bony points out at different times.

Now after spending a month with the cannon balls and bag of water attached to you- try to get the boots on.

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hello, keep on doing the good job.