Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just and average day around here

Shanny got picked up by the police, before anybody here even knew she was missing. She went to see Grandma, while I was in Brainerd to buy more medicine for Ian, because she had poured all of Ian's meds down the drain and Ian's belly was growing larger, more distended that is, with out his meds to help him poo. I had Roo with me in Brainerd, which means that....

Getting away from home unnoticed was a pretty good feat for a toddler in a house where there are more adults then children.

That is because all the adults were focused on trying to get Galen through his schooling before the year ends. After lots and lots of detailed coaching he did finally get his math test finished. Yeah!

On to his science project!

Its a good thing we are putting up a fence.

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