Friday, October 14, 2011

The Old Man is Snoring

If when it rains, it pour- then get ready for a blizzard.

That is just how it is feeling tonight.

-Just over a week a go- My little 3 year old girl got pneumonia, ended up in ER with 104.5 temp and wheezing.

+luckily the antibiotics took care of that and she was running around the next day.

-Last month my fridge broke. We were living out of coolers for 3 days.

+but we didn't have to replace it, it just needed a small part to keep it defrosted.

- We lost our PCAs at the end of August, took us all of September to qualify again- under a different program because we now in a different financial bracket.

-My washer broke this week. Claimed it lost communications with it's control computer. That looked like a $400 part to repair it.

+got fixed in just over 30 turned out the wires to the control center had their insulation rubbed off by the drum. It is working again!

-My Iphone completely died a week or more ago. I don't need an Iphone. I lived just fine without it. Any plain cell phone would work... but no, it was on a company plan and we had to get approval through the CEO and that was easy, but I didn't realize I would be paying for it. They wouldn't accept my first or last born for payment either. And it just happen to die right after the brand new Iphone 4 made it's debut.

-Our car completely died on us while we were in shopping in Brainerd tonight. Car repairs are never cheap.

+luckily, and many great kudos to my Sister and BIL as they loaned us their van so we could at least take our family home.

Better make sure you have snowboots and hats and mitts out. Umbrellas aren't needed when it's snowing!


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Oh my! too many misfortunes.

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