Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bed Time

"It's after bed time, get your butts out of here."

I often wish my children would listen.... but then they would hear the words I say that do not show my love for them.

I try to be nice and give them a five minute warning- so they can close out their game and turn off the computers... and grab a last minute morsel to munch or find their back packs for tomorrow.... but when I start counting down to the removal of their allowance.... then I hear "but Mom, can I get something to eat? or I have to find my back pack."

I am too patient sometimes, and I say "yes," and "yes," and "yes," until all their needs are met.

Then I am done. And the answer turns to "NO."

"NO." you can't have another muffin.
"NO." it is too late to read a story.
"NO." you have lost your allowance.

It is amazing that those are the words we say to our kids when all we really want to say is "Good Night , Sweet Angels. Thank you for gracing my day with laughter and joy and activity. Now sleep so I can remain sane and spend a few minutes doing quiet chores before zonking out until the baby cries."


Tracie said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

bella said...

nice post... i like the blog so much... :-)

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