Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personal Selections of Knowledge

I know something you don't know.

In fact, my own personal selection of knowledge just about grantees that I know something you don't.

Luckily, most of the time, much of that is fairly irrelevant.

So, how fair is it?

In fact, on the internet, all that any one cares to post is now fair game.... and our personal selections of knowledge expand.... and expand to match our current curiosities.

Most of the time I attempt to post things things that I think others may want to add to their personal selections of knowledge. That is why I share recipes and good articles and interesting thoughts.... some times I post just to write something- in which case I am not really attempting to enlighten you, but just to chat.

What is really interesting though is when you are posting thoughts about things you really don't want those who know you to know. That is when you go to a blog that is mostly ignored and see if any one bites your bait.

However, I am really not expecting any one to have lasted this long reading this post that is about almost nothing at all, nor do I expect them to know that I am expecting.

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Round Belly said...

I didn't think any one noticed this post. But in case you have and remained silent you can now know that I am no longer expecting. A short pregnancy is better then a medium length pregnancy.