Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pregnancy Bucket List?

This will probably be my last pregnancy, although one doesn't know for sure until it is too late to have one, and as a result of spending 74 months of my last 15 years pregnant, I have kinda  taken it for granted. I have always gotten pregnant before I every thought "gee, we should work on getting pregnant."

But this time it's a little different. I am a little older. The pregnancy is a little tougher. I have other things I am preparing to do in my life then birth babies (like help other people birth babies). This could very well be our last and I have never taken the time to celebrate the miracle that pregnancy and birth is. I have never taken the time to honor the process or make memories or mementos of it.

I think maybe this time I will.

I would like to do some belly picture, maybe a belly cast....
maybe we will do little cutsie baby photos- I've always enjoyed Anne Gedde's work.

I would like to birth at home again. Just me and baby and family.

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