Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Life with in

I thought about naming my post perpetually pregnant but I thought the Life With In would allow it more leaway.- Yep you guessed it another log by a pregnant women with 3 kids underfeet (and one always hinding under her skirt).

I am going to pretend nobody knows who I am- and I am going to embarress or insult you. But be patient- I'll get around to everybody, and myself most of all.

Meanwhile enjoy a look inside me and the growing life with in- 10 weeks now, that means the baby is completely formed and has entered the growth phase!


Anonymous said...

The blog site wouldn't let me post with a name unless I had a proper password.

I say "Blog away" and say it like I'm not watching. That will be sure to keep me tuned in.

annie mouse lee said...

welcome to blogging.I'll try to visit often.:-)