Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The highs and lows of raising a family on a student's income

Long title. I know, But I thought it fitting for these thoughts,
Yes we are a familyt of 5+ and the only income comming in is that of my college student hubby.

Low: Can't afford to rush out and buy Spider Man 2
High: Get to spend the time mopping my floor instead.- trust me it needed it

Low: Don't have money to help fund my kindergardener's class parties.
High: but I can go in and be a part of the parties

Low: can't afford new clothes
High: don't need to cry when my preganant belly outgrows them

Low: can' t purchase anything on line with out a credit card
High: don't have credit card fees or interest piling up.

Low: can't afford to fix the old car
High: buying a new car was cheaper! (and easier to budget)

Low: Can't afford to pay rent
High: So we own our house instead

Other thoughts of my mind this evening:

The most asked question in my house seems to be "where is the dust pan?"

And ever notice that situation comedies seem to be about how often a family member can be mean to another with in the 1/2 hour time slot? Would any marriage or family really last if we let our life be that way?

And I've decieded that I will be Joining the Secret Society of People who do not care how to spell.

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