Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reasons why I love being a mom

I love being a mom, but I finally figured out what makes it all worth while.

It is the hundereds of really cute or sweet things your kids do each day. The really little things- like Clayton sticking his toungue out while he smiles at me. Ian's giggle. Ewan trying to understand the world around him, by processing it through his little logic circuts. And Galen oh- man I've got to tell you this one.

We had the missionaries over for dinner the other night. Galen was being himself, and right in the middle of dinner he stuck his hand in the light and made a shawdow puppet. "Butterfly" he said.

"Cool" said one of the missionaries "Can you do any more?"

Galen out both his hands together in a fist. "Rock"

And the days are just packed with these little split second smile makers. How can any one handle being a parent without being around thier kids enough to at least catch most of these wonderful little smile makers?

Kids- you make me smile, laugh and giggle.

Ok- one more little antidote.
I just got a bunch of new clothes in from a catalog, and was trying then on to see what I liked. There was an outfit I was waffling over because it was a touch too short. So I went upstairs to look in the mirror. Ewan saw me, piped right up and said "Look Galen, Mom looks beautiful!"
I decided to keep the outfit. :)


Dragonfly Shaman said...

While trying on clothes in a dressing room at Target, Ethan loudly declared that I looked very beautiful, like a princess. He told me that I was his princess. He also loudly declared that I had on blue underwear.

I love being a mom. Thanks for the great post.

Dragonfly Shaman said...

We'll be in MSP on Saturday. Want to do dinner? Ryan is leaving on Sunday for SAN and we wanted to have a little easier time of travel before we send him on his way. We'd love to visit if dinner isn't an option.

I'm also going to IKEA, by MYSELF. (: hehe

blessings of wisdom and womanhood to you on Brigid's day.

Round Belly said...

Yes, we'd love to go to dinner. And the kiddlets would love to play with yours.