Wednesday, May 24, 2006

one I will miss

A wonderful friend from the cities emailed me tonight and asked if the move went "smooth".

This is how I replied to her

hi Lori,

We survived our move. Almost. It is hard to know at what point the move is over. We are still tripping over boxes in every room. The change was a challenge with Galen and we hope to someday soon establish a routine that can help get him calmed down again.
Our land is wonderful. There are crickets chirping and frogs chirping all night. There are also wood ticks. We live far enough from town to try to limit the amount of trips in. And all the people are small town folks who knew who we are at a glance- because they know the rest of the family. Everybody has time for a chat and a laugh and heavy traffic is when people are actually waiting at the one stop light.

I miss the ward, and all the wonderful smiling faces. As ward members we never had time to get to know each other well- but knowing you would be some place always made the event worth going to.
Have a wonderful day!Raya

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