Monday, May 01, 2006

small motor skills

Galen has done a lot of drawing lately. And he has an increbable eye. I know what he is drawing and couldn't even do as good of a job as he does on most of the things any more. (which is saying something for a clothing designer who does her own graphic design work).

Which is one reason that it blew my mind earlier this year when the school placed him with an occupational therapist to work on his small motor skills. In retrospect his small motor skills were not being worked in a normal class room setting because the para would do all his small motor skills work for him (writing). And he wasn't doing anything else to sharpen those skills.

However, being at home has allowed him lots of opportunity to draw, write, play computer games (which is also very good for his eye muscles and his hand/eye coordination) and play legos nonstop. Do you know how many playing things are exactly what he needs to work on?

It has been speculated by some that children are great at self-therapy, meaning they have a tendency to do the kinds of things they need to to stay healthy and grow well. I am largely of that school of thought too. My children have taught me to trust them and Mother Nature.

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