Sunday, December 24, 2006

I hate Christmas

no, let me reclassify that "I hate Christmas with autistic kiddos."

What does that mean? It means the overwhelming hyperness of the autistic kiddo at Christmas time nearly makes it impossible to do anything Christmassy. And everything we do try to do is instantly destroyed by the little ones.

It also means that the children behaved so badly during sacrament meeting today that we told them they were not getting any presents until they show us they can behave.

Now this year combine a business that didn't slow down the week before Christmas, but sped up with new plans for a future, some big gifts that were kinda unexpected that took days out of the schedule to deal with and just plain unChristmas like weather. Of course we are also still not moved in, (still have our boxes full of family photos, books and the like), and a new special diet for a kid in vain attempts to stop constant diarrhea.

Yep this is a pity party for 1. Where is my Grinch suit?

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Anonymous said...

Curious about the big gifts? It's hard for me to imagine a gift so big or complicated, other than a trip, that could take days to deal with. We're starting our kitchen remodel and that's going to take weeks. :)

What are you doing for Galen's birthday?