Monday, December 18, 2006

Ramblings from the week

In case you hadn't noticed people suddenly started buying for Christmas last week. I am not sure that they are still buying. This is a strange year for Christmas sales, and even some desires to decorate.

Is it a national thing? Walmart thinks so. The real question is why? What drives Christmas buying or not buying?

Could it be that gas prices jumped $.29 this week? That surprised me at the pump today, but it isn't changing my mind on what kind of car to purchase next. That is because I already believe gas prices should really be around $11 per gallon. That is what it costs society for every gallon. That includes pollution damage and funding wars to keep gas cheep.

Round Belly is looking like it may have space for a manufacturing plant soon. We could be organic certified by the end of 2007. It is exciting. We get to try out manufacturing before building our own building so we can better know what it is that we need. That also means we are hiring. I have found a few people for production and am still looking for embroidery tech, and will also be looking for some people to help in production management.

I seem to prefer to hire people who have skills and practice in working. I will have to be learning soon how to teach the steps and practices we will use in production. I also have a lot of organizations to build. From shipping procedures to charts of sizes and exact specifications on each item.

Ok, enough business talk. Most of you don't read my blog for business. So you want to know about the babies. Well let's start at the top.

My biggest baby: ie hubby taught Elder's Quorum on Sunday. It is good for him to have a calling and somebody besides me pushing him to do something. We have made plans to rearrange our house soon.

My noisiest baby: ie Galen got some candy this week and has been really acting like it. He has been speaking too loud and not noticing temperature (like going outside with no coat) and having a harder time paying attention in school. But I did force feed him grapefruit juice today and he did complete all his homework and went to sleep with no fuss.

Ewan: is the one who brought the contraband candy into the house. He is the only kid who doesn't react to it. I am going to have to teach him how not to share candy. He is still doing well at school and looks forward to being a cow in the Nativity pageant at church on Sunday.

Ian is learning all about eating gluten free foods, however he still eats anything he can find when he is hungry. You can really tell by his belly how much gluten he has eaten in the last day. Some days we do good an others we don't. His favorite restaurant food is hamburger with out a bun.

Clay is just the cutest kid on the planet. He loves to play fetch with our balls. And will walk to get the ball, bring to back to Daddy, throw the ball and then walk to get it again. He thinks it is real fun. We figure our dogs never played catch so we finally got a baby that will.

Rosie has finally out grown Sam, and is now the larger of the 2 dogs. They are learning what it means when we say "OUT!" 2 dogs are just too many to have in 1 house.

Christmas is around the corner but the only sign in our house is the tree that has been up since the new Christmas line came in (for photos). The tree has been decorated and undecorated numberless time, and it is really starting to look bad. I think my mom might have the right idea by just taking down and giving it away.

Mike and I are hoping to move our offices into the living room, move the LR into my office and move the food storage from the garage to the loft. Then we will soon move RB belly out of the small building and then move the exercise equipment in. I think there will be enough space for kids to ride trikes around there in Jan.

Have a wonderful day!

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