Saturday, April 14, 2007

Service and Love

Ponder with me for a bit on the interconnectedness of the concepts of service and love.

How do we show love? - not just hormonal desired for copulation, but real love. We show it by serving that person. We bake them cookies, run their back, watch a movie with them you wouldn't see otherwise. We do things we think will make them happy. We serve them.

What happens when we serve others? We learn to love them. When I find myself loving my customers I realize it is because I can serve them, I can meet their needs and make them happy. That makes me happy and I feel love towards them.

I have found that it works that way for almost all relationships. When we give service we are creating a bond and opening pass ways for friendship and love. When we forget to serve others these doors are slowly covered with spiderwebs over time and we loose that bond or that love.

It works both ways. I also find myself loving those who have filled some need for me. Like, I love my house cleaners. I love the man who takes my garbage out, who helps me laugh when life gets too serious. I love those who provide me with what I need most.

Of course receiving service only creates part of a bond, but when 2 people give and receive service frequently they create a tight bond and love is unfeigned.

So here is the challenge for the week- if there is a relationship- any in your life, business, church that you would like to strengthen- serve them this week and see what happens.

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