Tuesday, April 03, 2007

today's tests

Ian did not care for 2 of the 3 tests today.

The first test used a catheter to fill his bladder with Iodine and then had pictures taken while he peed. It was not easy for him to want to pee. He also doesn't care for catheters. That test basically showed us that his uetheter is in place and looks normal.

Ian's next test was a renal ultrasound. He fell asleep during that test. It didnt bug him one bit.

His last test was a VCU- another test with a catheter, filling bladder and a sensor in his rectum and sensors on his skin to record muscle movements and pressure with his bladder function. Once all the tubes were in place he calmed down for it and enjoyed watching cartoon son TV. The test is supposed to last until he starts to pee. He didn't. They filled him with 375 ml and he didn't pee. It wasn't until we were back in the hotel room about 45 minutes later that he finally did.

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