Wednesday, October 01, 2008

2 hours later

it took until 7:30 when they finally came and got Ian for surgery. He went into the OR at 8'oclock ish, then at 8:50, we got a call that at 8:40 the doctor actually started on him. So we finished up and had breakfast and came back over. We were still checking in at the desk when the phone call came to have us go down to consult- where the Doc talks to you after surgery.

All went well, and we may be out of here tomorrow. But Ian is still asleep- he slept through his blood draw at 5:25, slept through being wheeled down to surgery, and he didn't wake up until they started to give him the anesthetic. Then he fluttered his eye lashes, realized he didn't know where he was and tried to sit up- 30 seconds later he was asleep again. And he was still sawing logs when the doc talked to us. He will not get back up to his room (and us) until he wakes up. The doc was expecting 10ish... knowing Ian it could be more around noonish. :)

Shannon is being a doll today- I already got lots of pics of her this morning.

The boys are doing well with Grandma and Grandpa. so well in fact that Grandma has decided to keep babysitting rather then come down here and trade Mike positions. I will miss the female conversation- but don't mind my bed mate- all the easier to snuggle. Assuming of course, we ever end up in the same bed at the same time :)

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