Monday, November 24, 2008

musing of the non- omniscient

Ever noticed that little kids seem to think their mothers are god like?

Yup that means that at nearly 1 am this morning, I was trying to crawl into bed with 3 kids demanding my attention when I noticed that someone got off his potty too early following his enema and had left a nice wet, poopy section hidden under the blankets right were my toes should go.

So Shannon was screaming for my attention, Galen wanted a story and Clay wanted help with his pullup change. I tried to assure them that they could all do it themselves, but they all believed that I could be omnipresent. And with the constant barrage of questions the older kids must feel I am omniscient, and they also seem to think that I can not only do everything, but manage to do everything at the same time- omnipotent (although, because I have 5 kids I am more thinking that my husband is omnipotent).

So I find myself explaining to my kids that in this mortal probation I am none of the above, therefore they should try to do a few things for themselves for a change and let their mommy go potty in peace, but Those under 5 just don't grasp it. They seem to remember their last set of parents being all those things and kinds forget the whole limitations living according to the rules of Earth Life put on you.

Someday, however, I do plan to be most of those things, and think that I will still be trying to get my kids to do a few things with out me.

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