Friday, November 07, 2008

it that season

yup the time when people are thinking about Christmas gifts. I am hoping that all the cousins can draw names and or adults. Please post your lists soon- I like having everything done before December.

I would love it if we could draw names this week end !!

So in cause you think about my family here is our ideas list:

wood cutting boards
hand held blender
glass bowls- mixing
box of mason jars and lids
food processor
stone ware pizza pan
wood meat hammer
yogurt incubator

Gift certificate for art supply store- Utrecht is a good one
homestead tools- like shovels, rakes, saws and stuff.
He wears a XXL tall.

star wars- wants kids novels with pictures
lion king stuff
sensory stimulation/ fulfillment items
He wears an adult S.

legos- MTT troop Carrier
republic gun ship (lego thing)
tornado kit
clay for sculpting/molding
art supplies
He wears a size 8.

wants tools and a place to use them.
He wears a size 7.

loves balls
maybe a simple game like Candy Land
organic bubble bath
he wears a size 5.

Shannon is just getting ready for toys. She only have a small handful since they don't survive the boys very well.
She will be 6 months old at Christmas.
If you are buying clothes for her consider that she will be wearing 18m size at Christmas, 2T this spring and probably 3T for next fall.

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