Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today I went to a big grocery store in Brainerd, instead of our local, small one. I had a gift certificate for it and had to pick up my boys several blocks away. It was interesting (and frustrating) to do my weekly shop there.

Most of all, what struck me was the miles and miles of plastic instead of food. I felt there was no connection at all to where the food came from or even anything to hint at what's it purpose was. If I didn't know I was supposed to eat what came from a grocery store, I am not sure people could convince me to.

There was no physical sensations associated with the shopping that would remind me of food. All touch was smooth and solid, even the floor I walked on was smooth, the visuals were all smooth. The only smell was old ice and human perspiration, a touch of bleach. Even in the produce department, there was no fruity or earthy smells. By the time I got to the back of the store, I felt totally disconnected from the world and begin to wonder if that is how most people live now days in America?

With the complete lack of sensations the only things helping you to decide what to buy would be the price signs and pictures on the boxes or plastic bags. No wonder Americans are fat-

I also found the huge size overwhelming. "Food, food, everywhere, and none of it to eat."

Then I went outside, and I had wind on my face, and a temperature that made me feel my skin again. And I breathed in, stale exhaust, and I looked up- as I usually do at night- but there were no stars to see. And inside I cried. "Is this what we have done to ourselves?"

"Where is the beauty? where are the sensations? Where is life in a city?" Are we, as a culture, sensory depriving ourselves? To a point that we seek the simulations of violence in video games, just to feel alive?

Are we so disconnected ?

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