Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I like to see the glass half full- That being said- here are some advantages to having your whole family down with the flu/cold/crud. It is really quiet economical.

1- Save on heating oil. With 3 of the kids running over 100 degrees there is really not much reason to heat the house- if you're cold go stand by one (that is assuming you are not being snuggled to death by the three already).

2- Save on groceries- yup most of the groceries we bought on Saturday are still sitting here shinny and new- at most we have gone through lots of juice and ramen. And the pan of rice crispie bars lasted a whole 20 hours.

3- No whining or fighting. Yes, we have some fussing but Tylonal cures that.

4 for the first time in their lives the kids understand how to be quiet. I haven't had to tell Galen or Ian to shut up once today- or even to be reverent during prayer time.

But from the activity levels it looks like Clay and Ewan will go back to school tomorrow. They actually have been walking around today and one even asked for some entertainment.

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