Monday, March 30, 2009

Now a rant....

I wish I could help the modern mother to understand that one sigh of hers (in the presence of a child) may have more life long consequences on that child then all the preaching at church in a year could.

And that then taking care of the children rather then being in a Bishoprich meeting is in no way saying that women are less valuable then men.

There are so many feminist mormons out there that just can't wrap themselves around the differences inherent to men and women to understand our different callings in the church and home. Not only that but in the world in general, women's tradition roles are so poorly understood. Even the way the economy accounts for things leave traditional women's roles unaccounted for, as if they didn't even exists.

I have a few books that broach the topic of the way the economy accounting should work, but I have yet to open them. We should be able to find it within ourselves first- we shouldn't need the political and economic climate to agree with us before we act.

I just wish there was a way to help others understand. I want others to see that my conclusions are not a product of brain washing, but an answer with in myself that I had to struggle to find and understand how to implement.

What is weird is that these ideas are not being fought in a gender vs gender arena, but are being fought mostly in the hearts and minds of our own gender.
Are we asking too much of our own gender to seriously give our all to our next generation?

Real feminism should be seen as a movement to understand and fully utilize our gender for all the beauty and good it can fill the world with.

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