Monday, March 16, 2009

Shaken, not stirred

Yup, I have been shaken, but not stirred.

I happened upon the fate to send a deer flying tonight, and the experience literally left me shaken. My mind was calm, but my hands were shaking as I tried to get my cell phone to work.- Which it did not- battery was exhausted. Silly phones, they need to learn to keep a charge for a week at a time.

Anyways, the front drivers side corner of my beautiful blue pruis was smooshed in enough to keep the tire from wanting to move- so the car is still sitting upon the scene that occurred 1/2 mile away from home. Nobody but the deer was hurt and I am not sure how bad the deer was hurt. At first I thought the thing was instantly dead- but then it started to move it's head, and then it started to move it's back and it managed to get itself sitting upright. We called the sheriff's department and they are in charge of the deer.

Ewan, who was with me, is thinking they will bring the deer to an animal hospital- I didn't have the hart to tell him how they would "take care" of it.

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