Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recession may be over?

This article says the recession may be over Just in time for holiday shopping!

Seriously who are they kidding? ( the article is well thought out, but the idea of the recession ending seems ludicrous)IMHO it is their way of saying spend and spend for Christmas shopping is upon us.

I would venture to guess that most Americans who were scrapping by and lost their jobs ate up all their available credit before they were willing to go on state aid. And for those those who were not able to find another job.... and even for those who were, They have nothing left to spend on frivolous stuff this Christmas.

And although this may be bad for the economy it is very good for us. Imagine having the opportunity of learning that life does not suck just because you can't by everything- in fact life can be even more fun when you don't buy things. We have our houses so full of stuff that with a little ingenuity we can make do and find out that it is actually fun to make do, to find out how resourceful you can be- and you know what? It builds you self worth when you find ways to make do. It builds your self worth to have industry happening in your home, to be smart and useful once more as a human being should be and not just an unfortunate unemployed cog in a broken military industrial complex that has become our nation's lack of economy.

What I am trying to say is that it is time we realized that we need to revamp our personal economies and industry and worry less about the national one.

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