Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby talk

Oh was I hungry this morning! I woke up at 5 am with the desire to eat, but ignored it as long as I could, but 7 am I was out of bed scrambling eggs and toast.

This baby has been a bit picky- very much so about what I eat and when and has popped out of my belly at an alarming rate. I outgrew my bra size by week 6- the first time in 12 years I have changed bra sizes. The last time it happened I was pregnant with Galen. I went at that point from a nice pleasant 36 C to a huge 38 DD, and I have stayed at the 38DD every since- through 5 more pregnancies... this going up again was a bit of a shock.

And then my belly has been poofing out at alarming speed, but 8 weeks I was out of my regular clothes and into stretchy... but 11 weeks I was wearing full maternity clothes (this usually doesn't happen until around 20 weeks), These changes and a few interesting dreams have made us kinda wonder if we might be expecting more then 1.

In an early dream we were asked to adopt a boy by the church. So we went and picked him up and he was stranger until the second I took him into my arms and held him to me- then he was mine. The message of that dream was clear: that we would be having another boy. The adoption was on a spiritual level. The boy was planning to go to another family, but they decided they were done with having children and now he needed new parents. I cried at this because I couldn't imagine how much it would hurt to turn down a spirit that you know and love just because you had forgotten about it and decided against for "Economic" reasons.

Then just a few nights ago I dreamed that my brother had twins and named them "Ketchup and Chutney." Chutney was the child we know as Nahni and Ketchup was that same boy from the first dream. And when I saw him I said "I know you." and he replied back. I can't remember the words he said- but it was in the affirmative.

Since we are kinda planning this to be our last pregnancy, I am personally imagining 1 boy and 1 girl, since we are still missing our Arwen.

Only 1 thing is for certain though, there is something(s) in my belly that kicks and has a strong heartbeat at 165. The rest we will find out next month at the ultrasound.

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