Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You know pregnancy this time around just feels tougher. I've been blaming it on being in my mid (gasp) 30s. Joke about letting the 20-somethings have the responsibility, to bare the children. (I popped out 4 in my twenties and all of them combined was easier then Shannon and this new one).

But actually I figure there is something going on. Having twins would explain the extra burden it seems like I'm carrying. And that seems like the best possibility to to cultivate on the matter.

I sleep enough to be pregnant with 2, sometimes I eat enough to be pregnant with 2. I'm big enough to be pregnant with 2, my digestive system is weird enough (probably squished) to be expecting 2.

This is where my thoughts end on the subject right not, and my brain shuts down if I sit down for more then a minute.

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