Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Blue

do you know why they call it baby blue? because every single piece of baby boy clothes is in that color.

Mom went shopping down at our favorite kid store in Rochester and brought me back baby blue clothing. A whole wardrobe of baby blue baby clothing. The materials, brand, and size varied slightly, but the color not 1 measurement on the chromometer.

In fact when you start checking website for upscale baby clothes, baby blue is almost 100% guaranteed color to find baby clothes in. All the layettes seem to be baby blue.

I think i am beginning to understand one reason i really wanted a girl. Pink, purple and more pinks, with a touch of orange, green or yellow, sounds way more exciting then baby blue. True, you can find a fair assortment of baby pink out there- but at least there is variation in the shades and the ability to add ruffles and laces.

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children clothes said...


I also love girl baby clothes.. So cute and you can find a variety if girly stuff plus match it with colorful accessories ;)