Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween grinch

Ever feel like a Grinch?
I have a holiday I hate the most.
It is halloween. Why should any one go around dressed up as something they are not just to beg for candy?

I hate people giving kids (My kids especially) anything that is full of sugar and artificial colors and flavors. I am also no fan of anything gruesome. But if you really want gruesome you should have been with us last night.

We went to our church's halloween party- it was a chili cookoff (ie all the chilis you can eat) and then unlimited sweets for kids with some nice crafty activities.

the gruesomeness came in when my dear 5 year, who had a lot of sweets at school, ate someone's chili and chips and lots of candy and then started running around. He also started barfing. He barfed 3 times before he told me- all over the floors. And whole he was barfing he was still trying to eat another cupcake.

I am kinda surprised there wasn't more kids barfing by bedtime. but as any good parents we took the candy away.

one amazing thing to me is how much people are willing to spend on the opportunity to go begging door to door for candy. they can spend an unlimited amount on costumes, candy, bags, and gas that night. I also read the kids are something like 10 times more likely to be in a traffic accident on Halloween then any other day of the year.

Halloween is supposed to be scary and tricky and dark. Imitating evil spirits and all sorts of gore.

Yup so call me a grinch. i just don't get why anyone would want the halloween spirit in their lives. At least christmas is suposed to be joyful adn sharing.

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